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Reynolds Stratus DV feedback


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Just some feedback on my new Reynolds DV wheels.


I bought these recently in the tubby & campy version.


I only tried them out for about 30km before using them over the weekend in a triathlon (90KM).


These are my first tubby wheels, and also my first carbon ones......... all that needed some getting used to!


I used them at a tire pressure of 11bar and the ride was great! Maybe the carbon made up for the hard tires?


These wheels are fast! And they don't mind strong winds at all. They feel strong and secure (and at only1250g!).


While I haven't used other carbon wheels before I would certainly recommend these!
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OK, OK! Had to go look for a camera (grabbed the video cam so please excuse the lack of quality!)


They were 12,5K (hope my wife doesn't read this!), bought them from the agent. Michael Bevan 0824448022. He frequents this site so I'm sure he'll answer Q's as well.
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Oh yes, you'll notice the lack of big flashy red & white lettering on the wheels. All very discreet.


Makes the bike look like Mike Tyson with cranks!
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Mmmm.... Groot rooi en wit letters op die wiele... Waar het ek dit al gesien...? O ja, Zabriski, Voigt, Julich, Hunter, Landis, Schleck en (al was dit toegeplak met Bontrager plakkers) ook op 'n sekere meneer Armstrong se disc op sy TT fiets 'n jaar of wat terug. En op 2 van die vinnigste TT nog gery in enige toere en en en....

Hulle is effen vinnig en hulle weet dit, vandaar die groot en "flashy" wit en rooi...

Maar in elk geval, jy sal nie gou weer 'n ander wiel ry as jy eers 'n goeie tubby gery het nie, en die Reynolds is van die beter wiele op die mark. Hoop jy het baie lekker en vinnige myle op hulle.
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