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  1. I have Infocranks on my Road bike, Track bike and my indoor trainer bike, all have worked without problem for over 3 years now, and probably cost less that 1 Dura ace PM.
  2. Got 2 wired SRM's sitting in my drawer. Changed the batteries a few times, got them from the UK. BUT since I got InfoCrank, changing batteries cost about R100.00 I now have one on my Indoor bike, track bike and road bike, all for less than 1 SRM
  3. I have a pair from 2012, chamois still 100% but the Lycra is stretched now. Only use on my indoor trainer so no UV damage. You are better off getting new shorts than replacing the chamois as the new Lycra will be of greater benefit than a new chamois. Think of the unstitching and restitching
  4. No O rings in bicycle chains, only motorbikes
  5. No he is a scammer !!!! Luckily not a big amount but he gladly took my $ and then never answered any calls or meassages MoFo !!!
  6. I used to be the agent for Zipp many years ago. My account number was 00003 I was a small player and sold wheels at literally cost +10% as a service to my fellow cyclists. Kept limited stock as the delivery time from Zipp was 1 week. this went on for over 10 years. Then a local bike shop cane along, told Zipp they can sell more, which they did, and Zipp said yes. Funny thing was I sold deep section at the time for R3000.00 each, they came along and sold even more for R7000.00. each So very strange that people want them cheaper....
  7. Stop messing around and get yourself an InfoCrank. Not as expensive as you think and at least it works. Calculate over the years how much all the pedals and hubs are costing you and just spend the money wisely.
  8. What are you using the 11 for?? When in the 11 the chain is so far to the left you are losing efficiency, rather go to a 54 in the front then keep it in the 13 or 14 at the back. Straighter chain line is far better. or just learn to pedal faster in the 11
  9. Its about looking at your racing files and seeing what the torque value was at critical sections. then matching that torque in training. Of course if you have an InfoCrank, like me, you can see the torque value on the phone app whilst riding, obviously on the IDT. For example when I ride a pursuit on the track, I can see from my race file my torque value as being 40nM, at 115rpm. So I emulate that value on my indoor trainer, but riding with different cadence values, ie 60/80/90/100/110 etc This allows for more precise training stimulus as I am focusing directly on that particular torque value, but with different heart rates. higher the cadence the higher the heart rate. if you are able to go on the road and ride at exactly the same cadence and power output as the critical race section mentioned above then just do that. Only problem is then you only see after downloading the file where the values are, whereas with the InfoCrank and App you see in real time. This is based on my own personal views and experience
  10. You want to just finish or win ? swim a lil bit cycle a lot run a bit less Swim is the shortest leg so spend the least amount of time on this, as long as you can swim 1600 m non stop you'll be fine. Bike leg is longest, spend lots of time on the bike, the easier your bike leg the easier the run will be. Running is just fast walking If that doesn't work out for you stop swimming and running altogether and just cycle, its the best in any case
  11. some nice looking intervals there !!! glad I'm not the only person that realizes torque is the key not power
  12. Tut tut..... You need to learn how to ride in an echelon correctly. The correct way when there is a tail ie guys in the gutter, is to change over by going forward, not easing off and slipping backwards. When you finished your turn, you accelerate forward, drift left then slot into the echelon from the front. This is a more defensive approach as the guy that is sitting in the gutter not working is the one that is pushed out. You will automatically be back in the echelon. When you only 5 guys in the echelon you drift backwards and slot in from the back. A few races in Holland will get you sorted in no time.
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