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Greg is awake

A Barselaar

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Just to let every one know


Greg van den Barselaar has just come around ( 9:25 ) , has sat up and is talking comprehensively. is aware of where he is. His  right handside movement has returned to normal.

and being a typical cyclist, his first words where " I am ready to ride the argus, let me go home, I need to get ready"


he will still be in intesive care for the next few days to monitor his progress.


Greg still has multiply contusions in the brain, but the swelling has gone down. his face and nose has been reconstructed. and he is looking like himself again. the doctors have done an amasing job.


his right hand and kness still need to be looked at, we dont know the extent of the damge yet.


so I just wanted to say the biggest "THANK YOU" to the paramedics for getting to the accident so quickly and stablising him, the ambulance divers, to sean and especialy Joane for taking over from me and saving him from swollowing his tongue, after I lost it when I thought he was going to die. the doctors and trauma surgeos who did an excellent job, to cyclelab for taking our tandem back, and to everyone that helped and lent there support in these trying times. 


so thankyou everyone


I hope we will cycle again and see you at the races.
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Thank God and Paraise to him......


He didnt ask if the TANDEM was OK!!!!!!
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That is fantastic news, Andy!


I don't know Greg (yet), but I have always been impressed with his (and your) ability to hang tough in races. I believe it is this strong will, combined with his suberb level of physical fitness that helped pull him through this tough period.


You say that his first words related to riding 'The Argus'. I sincerely hope that he gets to do that again, with you. The racing tandem group in Cape Town next Sunday won't quite be the same without the Van den Barselaar brothers!


Please give Greg our best wishes for a speedy return to full health.


Sean Badenhorst (and Joanne McLeod)


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Hey Andy, fantasitc news!!!!


All the best to him and may he be back on his bike soon, even just for the love of riding!!!

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Busy wiping my tears.... such a lovely message to read, and know that Greg is awake. I do not know either of you, but wish you and Greg the best for the future. 

'When the going gets tough.... the tough get going'


God speed.

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Look after him and don't get angry if he does something silly!!!


I was in a car crash and bumped my head pretty hard and also bruised my brain (amongst other bits of me) and have only just started riding again.


My biggest problrem was that after 3 weeks of hospital I found I couldn't balance so it was like learnining to ride all over again.


My memory was (is) shot, but its all getting better.


Other problems I had were that I couldn't remember passwords to switch on my computer and then logging was impossible so I had to re-register  (even to the Hub), bank cards at ATMs were also a problem.


Keep his mind active!!!!! 
steve2007-02-28 09:43:49
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