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A Victory for SA Cycling - Very Intersting


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A Victory for SA Cycling

At a time when the world of cycling finds itself immersed in a live or die battle with its own image as brought about by drug scandals and the resultant toll this has taken to both guilty and innocent parties there was today one bright shiny star that shone over the Giro Del Capo. A light of good sense, compassion, understanding and a genuine desire to do the right thing by the cyclists despite the fact the rules appeared to be interfering with that concept. And of course it?s the rules and their interpretation that is always to blame for our cycling woes.

Today the rules won the day.

Today they and those who interpret them provided the answer. Of course the offending rule that was to prevent Ian McLeod from competing in the Giro was, I am sure written with good intention. The fact that that good intention was now standing between one of South Africa?s most famous cycling sons and his participation in his home country?s own premier National Cycling Tour was what was at stake.

Shame on you Ian for being so good that you have risen through the ranks of world cycling and have achieved one of its highest stations. Shame on you that you train alone for up to six hours a day to raise your level to that of the few who will ever participate in the Pro Tour Circuit.

The only shame was that the rules were preventing Ian from participating. No room for discussion. Rules are rules and despite the fact that they may appear inappropriate they are rules that can?t be broken.

What followed was quite extraordinary.

Extraordinary in that it proves the fact that if you believe in something and you have the vision to go beyond the rules to seek what to all appears to make good common sense.... then good common sense can and will prevail. In Ian?s case the argument that it was right and good for this great ambassador of our sport to be allowed to participate in the Giro for the sake of the nurturing and development of cycling in South Africa at this critical stage of our country?s growth seemed to make good sense. After all Ian is a living example of what our country can achieve. We are all very proud of him. ?We have a Tour de France rider in our midst? His name is Ian McLeod.

This was not about the sponsors. Of course the sponsors were all competing for his attention. Think of what a stage win or overall victory could do to the prestige of a team and its sponsors?

It was about what was right.

Ian McLeod should not stand on the sidelines while his own country?s premier race sets off.

With a concerted effort from the powers at the top of Cycling South Africa an appeal was made to the powers at the top of the International Cycling Union, The UCI. The case for Ian McLeod and indeed the future of South African cycling was made. Was there any way the Ian McLeod could ride the Giro?

After weeks and days the quest seemed doomed.

And then the answer. Simple. Crystal clear and without room for dispute. Mr McLeod could compete if he was part of a National Team selection. Another rule. This time a good one!

Under the guidance of a talented and genuinely concerned group of senior Commissars from overseas and a dedicated and willing group of senior officials from South Africa the wheels were set in motion. With only hours to go before the start of the Prologue not one negative thought was allowed to interfere with the task at hand. As it was there happened to be another South African rider in a similar situation to Mr McLeod. One that like Ian had already graced the podium of the Giro Del Capo. What if we formed an Invitational SA Development Team with the minimum of four riders?
Then they could all compete. Not in sponsors? clothing but in their National clothing. The original argument that their participation was important for the future development of cycling in South Africa was in fact now being accommodated by a rule that insisted that they represent their country, not a sponsor.

In the space of a few hours the team was registered. All it took was good sense, the interest of the riders at heart and some sweat to make it happen. No cost. In fact no big deal once the way was clearly defined. And no rules were broken in the pursuit of this end. Procedures were streamlined and race numbers issued. The seemingly impossible had been achieved.

Thanks to you all who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for putting the sport and our cyclists first.

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There are 4 of them in the bunch.

I dont recognise two of the names.

(Not that I am particularly familiar with all SA cyclists...)
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So the perverse rules were bent, contradicted and generally raped. So now the dust has settled, who are on this team?

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Maybe it is because the president of the UCI rode illegally in the Rapport Tour in 1975 under a false name,or are there so many Pat Mquaides(sp?)around that it could have been a family member??????.......WinkWink

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What was the rule preventing Ian from riding in the first place


'a rule that insisted that they represent their country, not a sponsor...'


Ian McCleod

Darren Lill

Laim De Rouche

Paul Minnaar
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So the perverse rules were bent' date=' contradicted and generally raped. [/quote']


C'mon, what's with you? If they hadn't been allowed to ride you would have jumped on the bandwagon about how stupid the rules were an how inept CSA are etc. etc. The fact that "they" found a way through this WITHOUT breaking any standing rules should be complimented.


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As far as I know both Ian and Darryl are not licensed through CSA???

They ride for foreign teams and cannot just transfer to another team for the Giro. If they were licensed under CSA they can get permission to ride for another team just for the Giro. Someone with more knowledge of the rules might be able to explain bettterEmbarrassed 
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Guest Big H

H's dictionary CYCLISTS: Extreme Weirdoes!!!!!!

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So, after all the so-called drama - The big 5 (four) aren't really featuring much...

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