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The fastest speed ever recorded on a bicycle was by Jose Meiffret in July of 1962. This was assisted by dragging behind a Merc 300SL.


Fastest unassisted speed I can find is 130KM's not sure by who.


Bruce Bursford holds the record at 334.6KM's but on an indoor type bike.


At the flat, the speed had increased to 127. Faster than an express train, faster than a plummeting skier, faster than a free fall in space. Meiffret's legs were spinning at 3.1 revolutions per second, and each second carried him 190 feet! When he passed the second flag, the chronometers registered 17.580 seconds, equivalent to 127.342 miles an hour or 204.73 KM's.

The bike had A monstrous chain wheel with 130 teeth connected with a sprocket with 15. The rake on the fork was reversed. Rims were of wood to prevent overheating. The gooseneck was supported with a flying buttress. The well-worn tires were tubulars. The frame was reinforced at all the critical points. It weighed 20 kilos. Who needs carbon?Smile



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Anyone help out with a bet I had going some time back - will try and google again myself...

I'm sure that the land-speed record (assisted) was broken more recently than that... Some guy on a really wierd looking black Lotus bicycle, carbon all the way as far as I can remember, riding behind a wind-breaking screen being dragged behind a large van of sorts....

Did a ridiculous speed... Anyone remember anything about that? MuxMan? 

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John Howard at 152.2 Mph which is 243 Kms.....


I think that black carbon one is the one which Bruce Bursford rode at a staggering R350,00020070320_074001_burbgal.jpg if you wanted to buy it. I know he setup the fastest speed ever but it was on an indoor trainer type effort, strangely enough he died in a collision with a motor vehicle.


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thats 286.831 Km/hr folks....


not 74.675277777 Km/sec as indicate by the other Tim



Pedantic I know but I just had coffee..
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That was fred rompelberg renamed to strompelberg after that(limping fred in english. Broke almost every bone he had now runs bicycle touring holidays on Mallorca.


Though there are some unpaced records set on ski slopes at almost 200 k an hour.



Fastest I ever did was 114k/h


Eric Barone from france did 222 on snow and 170ish on tarmac
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