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Lesotho MTB on your own

The Crazy German

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Crazy is back in SA and was thinking of stopping by in Leshoto on his way back from 94.7 to the coast.


Now how is the riding in Lesotho for MTB?


Is it safe on your own?


I do speak English and Afrikaans but no local languages is that sufficient.


Accomodation any reccomendations? Knowing that my car will be a two wheel drive so not at the top of sani Pass or something like that.


Anyone keen to join ride not to fast enjoy the scenery look for technical stuff.




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I did some riding there about a month back. We had the only real map there is of Lesotho (last updated 1992). If you know every town name on route the locals will point you in the directions. I tried to get more copies of our map, went to the government map shop in Maseru and they could not sell me a map of lesotho!!!




We never put the car into 4x4 but on some of the rougher stuff the ground clearance was good to have.




One last thing, do not try ride on the bridal paths without some local knowledge(I was an idiot and got lost and spent 10hours getting home).




Reasonable accommodation, Ramabanta, Semonkong, Kastse(was not on internet when we went), Malealea.





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yes it's safe on your own - as long as you chain the bike to your ankle at night, sleep with your shoes on, and have a tent that cannot be cut with razor blades in the early hours of the morning.


petty crime (and stone throwing) is the national sport.

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I've done a couple of 4x4 trips through Lesotho and from my experience, its safe enough.


I am at the very early stages of planning a MTB trip through Lesotho, but we will be a few riders with 4x4's as backup vehicles.




Regarding places to stay:


There's a nice backpackers lodge at the bottom of Sani Pass, near the Sani Hotel. I reckon it would be a good place to start your ride (you will want fresh legs for the pass). Although I haven't stayed there, you can sleep at Sani Top, it looks decent enough. From there it would probably be quite a ride to the next stopover point.


Katse Dam Lodge is decent, as well as Sehlabathebe National Park.




Keep posting on your progress, I am interested to hear how your trip works out.









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