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Cape Storm Nitro bibs* UPDATE*

Weight Weenie

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Hi Guys


I bought 2 of these shorts last week from fpc brooklyn.

Very nice and good value as well !


Did 3 hour training mtb rides with both in the mean time.  One has been washed and is fine, the other though  is not. 


After the ride I noticed all the capestorm reflective printing on the side peeling off and coming loose.  I find this unnacceptable in a brand new, un washed short used once !


Took it back to the shop and now they want me to wait 2 weeks for the rep to drop by so he can check it out. WTF ???  I would have swapped it then and there, as we do in the camera shop when we have an out of box failure (product faulty from the start)  Even if that is not possible atleast you can pick up the phone and call him while I wait to sort something out, maybe mail him a pic of the short.


I don't feel I'm being treated fairly and I'm quite pi$$ed off Angry ! Am I being fair or over reacting ? I think the big issue is that people working in lbs's are mostly not there because they want to but because they need to.  Everything seems to be a chore for them...


And I can't get at my actual LBS cause they say CS doesn't want to supply them or something.  I get to FPC, they have stock and now this happens.


Anyway, rant over.


Weight Weenie2010-02-28 05:05:33
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Besides the reflective printing that?s giving problems, how is the bib? Comfy and performance? I want to go and buy a pair tomorrow for the Barberton marathon. Would you recommend them?

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Why dont you phone the rep your self??


Thats what I do these days, I call the rep/distributor before I even go into the store, then I say something like, the rep said you must replace these!!


Lol good luck!!!


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Haha nice one dirt ! Looking for that with the sig hey ? They are 200g in medium as standard ;)


Grondpad met my hardtail op `n dun saal het ek al 2 keer 3ure mtb gery geen issues en vir R645 is dit baie goeie waarde !!! 


Dit het dieselle pad as die 2009 matrix, die 2010 matrix het `n nuwe pad wat die saal gedeelte split, ek like dit nie.


Die gel gripper gly nie maar sit nie so styf soos die rek nie, so dis beter op die bene, alhoewel jy nie gels onder dit gan kan bere nie...


Die bib se mesh begin ook meer onder op die short so hy is beter ventilated. 
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Bumped into some of the guys from HQ at their Bryanston shop just before the 94.7 expo. They were raving about their shorts. Passionate guys who I am sure will sort you out.




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I don't believe this is the shops fault. Rather it is the suppliers exchange policy. For some stupid reason we in SA just live with this crap service. If the shop exchange it without the suppliers say so they might be out of pocket if the supplier decides not to replace. Had 2 such incidences recently. Got Accent bibs from Sportsmans. Less than a month later stitching is becoming undone. Response from Accent is 'no problem post them we will fix them' but they do not have an exchange policy enforced through the outlet. Got a brand new drill at Makro. Never used it and when I did variable speed did not work. Because it was after 14 days (16 actually) they send it in for repairs. I took it back in packaging not a single mark, NEVER used. I got it back after 2 weeks looking very 2nd hand. Good old SA, either you take it or you leave it. 

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Rubbish. Dont make your suppliers poor back up service the purchasers problem. You are the middle man who is making a mark up. Do your bit and back up the stock you sell through your outlet. Too many retailers are too lazy and spineless to take any gripes to their suppliers. What is a shop? Just a convenient place to buy high priced goods?

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With you 100% Dirtbreath, same thing happened to me with my first accent enduro bib, bought them at cycle lab fourways. Must say the manager took one look, apologized for the defect and replaced them without me even asking. Not trying to boost cycle lab or dog sportsmans, just good to know sportsman's warehouse replacement policy on first accent clothing vs. cycle lab's. Guess where I will buy my next pair

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BTW, had the same awesome service with Polar this week after a small issue with my unit(digits would fade every now and again). Really impressed with their service and attitude.

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Well said dirtbreath, I'm  in retail, when there's a problem I first and foremost determine in my own capacity whether the customer is right, if so I repair or replace depending on the policy. What I don't do is wait to see if the supplier agrees, that's my fight and has nothing to do with the customer

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Well said dirtbreath' date=' I'm  in retail, when there's a problem I first and foremost determine in my own capacity whether the customer is right, if so I repair or replace depending on the policy. What I don't do is wait to see if the supplier agrees, that's my fight and has nothing to do with the customer[/quote']


If only more retailers could think like this!ClapClap
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Yes blockhouse we think alike !


Im now a happy customer, CS handled this very well, let this be a lesson to all other companys regarding customer service !!! Clap


Heres my mails to CS


 Reply |Ian work to me, dylan, Greg, Ian
show details 07:08 (5 hours ago)

Hi Luan
Thanks for the email and I apologise that the issue wasn?t dealt with immediately. We will replace the short for you as this is obviously a manufacturing fault. Please give me your address and we will courier a pair of shorts to you. Could you tell me whether it is a nitros short or bib and the size?
Dylan, please arrange a credit for Fritz Pienaar. Greg, please let Fritz know that we will be replacing the shorts.
Kind regard
Ian Little
National Sales Manager
CAPESTORM Outdoor Apparel
From: capestorm.co.za [mailto:no-reply@capestorm.co.za]
Sent: 21 January 2010 19:12
To: ian@capestorm.co.za
Subject: New Repairs Contact Form
Name Luan van Schalkwyk
Contact  emailluan.van.schalkwyk@gmail.com
Contact telephone 0731572567
Location Pretoria
Product needing repairs Nitro mens Bib Short
Nature of problem


Hi Guys


Bought two of these shorts from Fritz Pienaar cycles in Brooklyn a few days ago. Used both for one training mountainbike ride each, about 60km without washing beforehand.


The one is fine and has been washed now as well. The second one though is a problem. After the ride all the capestorm relective printing on the sides of the short had started to peel off/come loose.


Being brand new I find this quite unnaceptable. I took it back to the shop and gave it in and now they want me to sit without the short for 2 weeks while they wait for the rep to come by the shop.


Surely they could have swapped it instore for a new model and later sorted the defect out with you guys ? This is what I do on the camera industry for out of box failures(which this can be likened to)


Please could your rep make contact with them and sort it out as soon as possible ? I don\'t see why they could not call while I waited and email him a photo to sort it out then and there ?


Im very impressed with the product and I have 2 Matrix shorts as well and I want to keep buying local, but if this is how repairs/warranties will be handled then I would rather buy an overseas brand and pay more but atleast it last !

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 Reply |Luan van Schalkwyk to Ian
show details 12:54 (0 minutes ago)

Hi Ian
Thank you for the prompt reply and possitive attitude !
This is really good aftersales service form you guys, you are looking after me as a customer :)
Just a pity I had to contact you directly to sort it out, think the guys at FPC need to be taught how to handle these situations themselves....
It's the Nitros Bib (Male in Small Size)
You guys can send it to :
Thanks very much,
Luan van Schalkwyk.
PS. I think you guys should create a Cape Storm Profile on www.thehubsa.co.za where you can post specials etc. and make contact with the cycling market directly, I'll put in a good word there for you guys ;)
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