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Be Hygienic Like a Pro... And Stay Strong!


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Fellow Cyclists,




There are quite a few bugs going around.


A stomach bug is in the air and quite a few people I engage with has been down with spells of nausea and diarrhoea (spell check!).




So, take care of yourselves so you can stay on the bike at the peak of season:




1. Wash hands regularly.


2. Wash hands before meals.


3. Avoid contact of your hands with your mouth.


4. Be mindful of public spaces and the risk for infection.


5. Use your knuckle to press the elevator button or ATM keys (from one of LA's books).


6. Above all, don't train when your muscles are sore or you feel fatiqued as you could be infected.


7. Be mindful when you are in the company of someone that is ill as many bugs prefer air travel (wink).






I'm sure there's more. That's all for now.





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Oh, then you really should not cycle in a bunch, or if so, than stay in the lead.


What with all the snot,spit and sweat flying about you have not got a chance.


If you really need to clear your nose, blow it on your hands, and then wipe it on your shorts, or go to the back of the bunch.


Even if you do manage to get it out and onto the tar before it blows all over the rider behind you, the next bicyle tyre picks it up and throws it into the air for all to share smiley11.gif


Now have a upper repiratory infection after the Simonsvlei race. I have already had the gastric flu after my first race this season. I had not been sick since the Argus last year.
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