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.Dont crash in The Argus its letahl


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I was in Group H crashed  7.2km into the race.

The front of the bunch  hit the wind coming down hill and the concentina effect happened. Due to people panicking and slamming on brakes the guy infront went down, his bike flew into my front wheel. According to my Garmin I was going 49K/h on impact.

According to my mate behind me I went down so fast  I didnt have time to put hands out, I impacted hard on the back of my head. My Giro Ionos did its job its completely destroyed and took entire impact at the back. I was knocked out cold and had to be dragged off the road. I lost my memory and started comning right after  about 25mins.

In the meantime the guy I smashed into and my mate waited with me until help arived.

It too 40 Mins. ER24 team arived, I was safely strapped up on the board and put in the back. The team were fantastic except no fault of theirs they were not from CT so didnt know where to go. The briefing and map they were given was the same as the one given to riders useless for an emergency.

They were on the radio with some controller guy who was flustered, bulchy and unhelpful. I  suggested Chris Barnard as my daughter was born there and I knew it.

They went to the start and they saw some official  the driver got out for what seemed ages and came out with instructions. We ended up going to Chris Barnard hospital me giving directions at the back.

I was checked out and then sent to CT Medi Clinic for CT scan and proper check.

NO bleeding on brain so relief.

 It took over 2hours to sort me out. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had bones sticking out, profuse bleeding or broken skull.


 I had to spend night in hospial Neurosurgeon released me this morning so all good. I was very lucky and know it.

Very worried for anybody who has a seriouse injury and needs immediate attention in the Argus. The field has got too big now and the organisers are not in full control, I dont want to jinx it but unfortuantly unless drastic measures are taken this event will have more fatalities in future.

I look at my "good luck" as a reason to warn others of the danger that exists if you come off on this race, could be lethal!!!!



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Guest Big H

Thank God you are OK and organisers please take note of the concrens.


I suggest you should write an email to the race office with you account of the events above. It is shocking!!!!!!!!!
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Some poor planning on the medics part; but really good hear you still have your health in tact. All the best for the recovery!

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Yikes that was my group, I guess luckily I was held up at the start by people getting off their bikes and walking through the 'wind corridor' and initially lost the front end of that grp...sounds like a blessing in a way. Glad to hear you're alright.

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