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UST= Universal System for Tubeless

LUST= .........Ultimate Sidewall technology


UST is standard for tubeless tyres and LUST refers specifically to the sidewalls (Extra protection)

I think....
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I am not an expert, but this is as I understand it:


UST is the bicycle industry tyre standard for tubeless tyres.


LUST is a Maxxis marketing acronym:





Mountain Tubeless tires, certified to UST? standards, now feature

Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology (L.U.S.T.).  L.U.S.T. offers

better puncture resistance, improved air retention, better longevity

and lower weight than previous tubeless technologies.  Our engineers

were not content with simply having one of the best tubeless tires on

the market.  Instead, they went back to the drawing board, reinvented

the tubeless tire from the casing and tread and addressed your concerns

about tubeless technology.  By adding a thin fabric layer to the

sidewall, covered in a special air-tight rubber compound, Maxxis

created a casing that lighter, tougher and holds air better.  Now, it?s

available to you on all of our Cross Country and Freeride Tubeless



  • 15% lighter than our previous tubeless tires

  • Better air retention than competitors? tires

  • Increased sidewall puncture resistance


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Lust tyres are still UST tyres.

As in "All halibut are fish, but not all fish are halibut"?



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what pressure do we pump UST tyres to???


everybody had a different answer to this, most will throw 1.8 to 2 bars at you. 


I weight 95 kgs and when running these preasures found it to be too soft. so I run slightly higher and all good now.  It does take a little getting used to not having your tires as hard as possible but once you have riden a while it feels normal.
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what pressure do we pump UST tyres to???



Again, my understanding:


Usually lower than a tube tyre to allow for more grip. I usually pump to around 2.5 bar. You can pump them up to 4/5 bar depending on the tyre, but then you'll get a harder ride. For sand, I pump slightly lower, for mud I pump slightly higher.


A UST can be pumped lower than a tube tyre since there is no tube and thus no chance of snake bite punctures. However, if you pump too low, a UST tyre will "burp" on hitting an obstacle since there's not enough pressure to hold the bead to the rim.


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It's like EX and SEX. It's amazing what a diference one letter can make (sorry, I know that's not helpful at all).

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