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Noob Upgrade Guide?

George Gericke

Which Pedals  

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  1. 1. Which Pedals

    • Crank Brothers Candy X
    • Crank Brothers Candy C
    • Crank Brother Eggbeater C
    • Time Atac Alium
    • Shimano XT Pedal M770
    • Other??

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I recently purchased a Raleigh Dakar Mountain Bike (specs below).


Although I'm very happy with it I would like to upgrade it as a hobby. My plan is to by a new component, install it and sell the old one, one component at a time until I have a full Deore XT setup then replace the frame (full suspension) and forks (locakable).


My questions are:

-Are the parts interchangeable (i.e. if I buy just a Deore XT rear derailleur will it work on my current cassette, chain, etc)?

-Is there a good resale market for second hand components? And where?

-My first parts I want to replace (in this order):

1. Shimano DEORE XT pedals and Northwave Raptor 3 shoes

2. Shimano XT rear disc brake Kit (front not to urgent at the moment), do I need a different disc as well?

3. Shimano XT MTB Front Derailleur

4. Shimano XT front disc brake Kit


Raleigh Dakar:

Frame: Raleigh Alloy 6061 Double Butted

Fork: Rock Shox Dart 1

Components: Shimano Deore front derailleur, Shimano SLX RD-M662 rear derailleur

Shimano BR-M465 mech. Disc brake

Shimano Alivio Disc, 32H Hubs




FRAME Raleigh Alloy 6061 Double Butted

FORK Rock Shox Dart 1

HEADSET ahead type, internal headset

STEM Raleigh Alloy

HANDLEBAR Alloy 6061 double butted riser

SEATPOST Alloy, 31.6 x 350mm

SADDLE Raleigh Trail

BRAKE LEVER Avid FR-5 for mech. Disc brake

BRAKE Shimano BR-M465 mech. Disc brake

SHIFT LEVERS Shimano Deore


FRONT DERAILLEUR Shimano Deore, Down Swing

REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano SLX RD-M662, Top Normal, Low Profile Design

CRANKSET Shimano FC-M442, 44/32/22T

PEDALS Alloy Flat

CASSETTE Sram PG-950, 11-32T

CHAIN Shimano CN-HG53

HUB FRONT Shimano Alivio Disc, 32H

HUB REAR Shimano Alivio Disc, 32H

RIMS Weinmann Taurus Disc, Single Eyelet, 32H


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All of it is interchangeable, so you can do each part separately if you want. A few suggestions though (these are all my personal opinion, but I have experienced all of what I will advise)

1. Dont go for XT pedals, rather go for crank brothers, you wont be disappointed.

2. Rather replace front brake first. Its actually the brake that you should rely on more, you'll learn that as your skill level improves.

3. The deore FD is alright, rather replace the RD 1st with the XT shadow version.

4. Start saving for a new fork - an air fork will make a huge difference.



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why dont you take a look in the for sale section here on the hub, you can get some pretty good prices on new and secondhand stuff, and about selling your old stuff that you've replaced, it all depends sometimes you sell it within 10min of placing the add if someone was looking for the part you selling and sometimes you sit with it for a month or two, is all a game of luck i'd say lol. and you dont neciserally (spelling?) have to go with xt paddals etc take a look around at what you may find sometimes you can find items that can be better than XT at a better price.


try give these websites a go while looking for places to buy new stuff, their prices are pretty good.





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The very first thing I would replace is the shifters. Deore to XT shifter transplant will make a HUGE difference and you can keep your SLX RD and Deore FD for a while. Be sure to replace the sleeves and cables and make it continues sleeves at the same time. Me thinks it is better to replace the brakes as a set (I think they are sold that way as well). My 2c worth. Enjoy the tinkering. That is part of the fun...

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forget about replacing your goupset at this stage the gain is minimal,


First get a decent fork, then get proper wheels with those two you will feel like you have a new bike. Then do your brakset. Upgrade your groupset components as they wear or break.

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Aren't mtb's the same as road bikes? 1. Frame. 2. wheels. 3. Gruppo? (chuck the fork midway between the frame and wheels, cause it means a bit more on an mtb...)

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Fork first then feel the Huge difference.


Then the breaks

Then the rear DR

then the rest.


Damn I went from top of the range Carbon crankset to SLX (OK cost was the issue) but the weight diff is minimal and these this wear out so soon you can upgrade regularly if need be. Depending on how much you ride and where.

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Thanks everyone for all the advise, really changed the picture for me. To be honest really wanted FS rather than hardtail, but I really wanted to start cycling ASAP (havent been on a bicycle in like 10 years). Want to do the 94.7


That's why I think pedals might be a good start. Was planning to go for Shimano Deore XT but now a bit lost .


Found the following, what would you suggest, I want something strong, that I can get out of easily, obviously price, and if possible something I can also use with normal shoes:

Nice and Cheap:



No idea whats different on the Candy C:



No idea if this is any good:



Friend told me these are cool, but not so sure:



And then obviously my original choice:


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I went through the same exercise as you. Here is my conclusion on upgrading...


Good fork vital.

Bike setup vital.

Good bib vital.

Knowing how to set your derailleurs vital.

Decent rear derailleur nice.

Front derailleur makes no difference. (I'm still running a SIS)

Braking is improved by using better tires. I'm still running V-brakes and they work very well.


Just my thoughts...

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