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  1. Hahahaha. Forgot that is still updating back to Strava from the Garmin upload... I only wear my watch when I have a time limit and then I figure it's worth checking the surfing app and what it records for wave count as a side show! How's you Guiness appreciation coming along?
  2. I no longer cycle. I no longer run.... I just surf.... Howzeeeet dudes and dudettes! Just a quick pop in to say hi. Everyone still up to the same mischief?
  3. THEY ARE NOT SIMILAR! One has evidence to the contrary. The other does not!
  4. Of course I accept evidence that suggests a qualified proof of all things scientific. I also accept that every single person is entitled to a belief of their own, whether scientific evidence proves this or not. SO even though I don't agree with the flat earth clowns, if they GENUINELY want to believe that they can knock themselves out, however deliberately stupid I think they may be! What I don't accept is whenever any topic has an element of faith to it, that it degenerates into a multiplication of the faith principle into the final conclusion of whether GOD exists and a veiled attack on those who do, or even likening them to in this case, people who insist on believing in a flat earth! Until science proves otherwise I will continue to feel connected to my spirituality and personal relationship I sense with my creator.
  5. I think it's uncalled for that after months debating on another thread you feel it opportune to equate the belief in GOD to a similar belief in a flat earth????????? Are you for real in claiming that because both of these require an element of faith, that faith as a whole is flawed and anything faith related is therefore a failure to recognise some higher form of intellect? I feel offended that you even suggest there's a similarity. Makes months of participation in the other thread seem a total waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome Shannon. Not such a good idea to post that level of personal info on an open internet webpage. Probably best left sharing it with those who make the effort to contact you via a personal message!
  7. NOPE! THERE IS EVIDENCE THE EARTH IS ROUND! There is no evidence for or against whether GOD exists. You guys are seriously starting to p1$$ me off with your contentious efforts to continuously make a mockery. If you don't WANT to understand stop pretending to debate something you clearly have no desire to grapple with.
  8. Is that because flat earthers FEEL a personal relationship with the shape of the earth that they can't explain using quantifiable scientific formulas? Given science CAN prove matter and shapes that matter has, I don't see how you make the conclusions you have, so if you continue to IMPLY that my choice to believe is nothing more than an expanded set of stupidity akin to believing the earth is flat I would as uncharacteristically as possible suggest you GFY!
  9. How has flat earthing turned into another belief debate centred on GOD's existence? Surely this argument doesn't require us to understand from where earth comes in order to determine its shape? Earth has matter and this can be measured and has. Flat earthers clearly are determined to ignore any basis of proven undisputed facts and remain consciously ignorant which is just another way of stating deliberately stupid, however blissful they perceive that!
  10. I've gone and got bladdy sick... Proper chest infection. Seem to have broken the fever and the sore all over feeling, but still have a raspy voice with a phlegm filled, hoarse cough! If I didn't have the cough, I could go sing karaoke and cover Anastacia songs like a boss! Fit some extra training in for me please someone...
  11. SNAP. Lost the same 3 from my team....
  12. But he is in the public eye to a great extent and clearly has chosen a particular image he wants to convey. There's so many ways to get your message across. Ride a hardtail bike on a downhill course during practise if you want to make a statement, but measure your words and your behaviour in discussing that if you want to have the majority of the public take you seriously..... Talented? For sure! Still a bit of a box.
  13. KP, to each their own dude. If you feel better rocking a top and tracks, then keep styling your gig.
  14. Sandals for the shower also allow you to walk to the bike in dignity using these and then put on your road shoes...
  15. Military Green is not for me thanks. The black with red trim I'll do!
  16. Not 27.5 + compatible? I was sold out till I saw this. Anyone able to confirm why no 650b plus option?
  17. Phew had me worried there. Photo edit ftw....
  18. Who is this imposter that has taken over your account???? Nowhere is there mention of a Carpenter....
  19. Constantia VA. Not sure of the pedals, but the road bike cleat compartment usually has a toe clip structure connected to it, that you have to remove if you want to use the road cleats with the pedals. The other side of the pedal has the mountain bike cleat option.
  20. I have look keo cleats on my road shoes and these work on the WATT bike fine. Beware of marginal gains from this when you upload back to STRAVA.....
  21. Last year was Hart, Gwin and Mr MINN on the podium. I'll go with the same guys, but after this past week's near miss, I'll have even greater support for MINN for the WINN over Gwin and Hart taking third. (Shot for starting the thread, was looking for it!)
  22. DP, you're probably looking towards the normal travel High Tower rather than the LT. There's a Mango with Orange option there. That or the 5010 is closer to the Tallboy setup.
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