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  1. End of Kipling Road -26.007730934846176, 28.069851574738617
  2. More than enough, I used Zwift at 25mbps for a long time without any issues.
  3. I cycled up the climb they are about to attempt back in 2018, was an awesome ride.
  4. My 2cents, I gave up on BT via the PC, I run Zwift on the PC and then connect via the companion app on my iphone and never had an issue for over a year now (touch wood).
  5. What is even more strange is that some people upload the same Zwift ride from Zwift and from another device such as Garmin and then both count towards the leaderboards!
  6. Try connecting your trainer (and HRM) via the companion app (Bluetooth) on your phone and continue to run Zwift on your laptop. Start companion app, switch on your trainer then start Zwift on your laptop. It's how I run mine and (touch wood) never had an issue.
  7. I run Zwift on a Windows 10 PC and connect my trainer and HR Strap via my iPad using Zwift Companion via Bluetooth, never had an issue.
  8. Distance 10,066.3 km Time 602h 7m Elev Gain 125,878 m
  9. marcfr

    The Munga 2019

    From Janine, Unfortunately I have had to make the decision to scratch. My left hand has become completely numb and I can't grip the handlebars anymore. It's the same side where I damaged the nerve last year so not worth risking further damage. Disappointed but I would rather have a working hand.
  10. In that case it would be confusing for the pros as it would mean the first person crossing the finish line may not necessarily be the overall winner.
  11. I very almost came off going down that wooden ramp!
  12. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/video-the-fim-emtb-world-cup-race-in-imola-was-embarrassing.html
  13. Always use it, real bed with bedding, large tents you can stand up in, big plus is they supply a power lead for the light that you can use to charge all your devices.
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