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  1. Oh gosh After listening to pretty good commentary for 3 weeks at the TDF, it was PAINFUL listening to the commentators. They would have the person's number in their face and still be like "the rider from Uruguay wearing 61 looks like they can't stick with the group anymore" and I'm like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Wonder if it was any better on the GCN+ feed.
  2. Okay this is exactly me. Pain is only concentrated on exactly the sit bones. I've played around with the saddle and this has allowed me to ride maybe 80km but I am out for the week after that. Freewheel Cycology is pretty close by so will pop in to chat.
  3. In terms of SADDLE FIT, are there any recommended places to go that deal specifically with this? I've done a bike fit, a re-check of the fit, but my saddle is still the biggest issue. My saddle is the right size and I've played around with the height, and setting it more forward and back but after around 2 hours on the bike, my sit bones hurt like hell. So really need someone in Cape Town (I'm based in Southern Suburbs) who can help me out. Any suggestions?
  4. How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store? This video will definitely not answer your question directly. However, I found it interesting that specific foods do not have an expiry in terms of the foods losing nutritional value. They will taste different, or break down but still have nutrients which could sustain you. In terms of the gels, it very much depends on the gel. The more sugar, the longer these should last if stored well. The quality of the packaging also matters. The cocktail of chemicals would also matter. Gels are packed with various nutrients and vitamins and some of these break down into something that will upset you. So weirdly, the cheaper ones may actually be okay whereas the complicated, specially formulated ones may give issues. As has been mentioned by many in this thread, always eat with your senses - if it looks or smells uninviting, do not eat it. I've used expired nutrition before and it's turned out okay. But none of them look, felt, or had a weird smell so I was pretty lucky. AND I usually will pop a probiotic before the ride to ensure I have enough gut bacteria to support me if anything does go badly during a ride.
  5. Looking for a 5-speed rear cassette for. 90s mountain bike? The one I have has been going strong for the past 25 years and finding a replacement has been pretty impossible. Also looking for road bike brake levers (without gear levers).
  6. shahilj

    947 Ride Joburg

    From the website: When they started using Steyn City, they only released the actual route around a week before the event. So I don't think you're going to get a definitive answer of how technical it will be. Seeing that this is in over 6 months time, I would say you can definitely train to get to the level needed to complete the route. There may even be a training guide that they release to help with fitness. Take the plunge and give it a go!
  7. Definitely the case! It is sturdy and will not break though so taking eddy's advice, would be best to get some 2nd hand wheels for a couple hundred and see where it takes me. Doing this mostly because of nostalgia after all!
  8. I've come through to my parents home and in the garage is my trusty old Raleigh M-30 mountain bike in all it's (former glory) BACKGROUND I got in when I was around 11/12 (so around 1997) and it provided me with hours and hours and hours of good times. I raced people with it, tried going off road, fell MANY times, and even went airborne more than I should have. Let's not forget the skids I did that weirdly did not destroy the tyres. It's HARDY! Steel frame Shimano 15 speed (3x5) Shimano calipers 26" wheels When I realised it was a 26" my eyes lit up as I realised I can actually do something with this bike!! The bike will be used for some gravel riding, road riding, and some riding down the promenade. Gravel tyres seem to give the best of both worlds and I'm keen to try this as a build. MY IDEA The plan is to obviously turn this into a GRAVEL bike or something like that. Wheels These obviously need to be changed as the wheels are warped and the rims are rusted. This is also the major elemt that I will change. As this will be used as a gravel bike, I wanted something thinner, sleeker, and not as MTB like. There are a few options: Do a straight swap with another 26" tyreTry to fit in a gravel 700c type tyreBe smarter and use a 650b or similarThe clearance looks like I could squeeze in the 700. The 650 may be a smarter idea. Tyres I want to put in something that's not very MTB like. Haven't made up my mind yet. Brakes, Gears, Drivetrain When I said that this is hardy, I meant it. These honestly do not need to be changed! They work extremely well, Even the brakes stop things DEAD. All I want to do is: Wash and LubeTest out the cables to see if these need to be changedChange the brake pads as the rust would have eaten into themGet a gold chain (not really)The 3x5 is ancient and is a relic of a kids bike but it really works and since it still functions really well, I want to keep it. Handlebars Keep these for now but consider upgrading to drops. Seat This looks old so will change this but this is not a priority. QUESTIONS TO YOU... What do you think? Am I insane? Is this a great little project to go ahead with? I would also like some advice on: What are the best wheels and tyres to use?Any advice on how to go about fitting the wheels in with this setup?Any practical challenges you may have solved previously with something like this?Is keeping the drivetrain etc. a good idea?Would I be able to change the handlebars if I wanted to?
  9. Is anyone having issues with getting home workout points? I've started to do yoga (haven't got back on the road with my bike yet) for an hour every second day or so. These are picked up on my Suunto (which is connected to Discovery) but i don't seem to be getting home workout points for these. From what I see, the home workout is still a thing accepted by Vitality. Anyone have a similar issue and know what to do?
  10. Does anyone have any updated suggestions for masks to use while cycling? The ciovita ones look the best (especially with the nose adjustment mechanism) but has anyone got these delivered in a decent amount of time AND how do these perform?
  11. I don't have a smart trainer. Neither do I have the sensors that make it a semi-smart trainer. Hence, Zwift and the like don't really make sense for me to get. What has been great is following videos on Youtube while I make the adjustments by myself on my bike. It works okay. What I would like to know.. What youtube videos/channels do you suggest I use for indoor training purpose? I currently use the GCN videos. It's a great collection. https://www.globalcyclingnetwork.com/category/train-with-gcn Are there any other GOOD ones that you use?
  12. https://www.bicycling.co.za/health/how-you-can-ride-safely-amid-coronavirus-concerns/ Great article on it. Basically: keep the groups smallDO NOT CYCLE IF YOU ARE FEELING SICKDo not share drinksAvoid touching things. The article also says don't go to a gym. Remember, this is about "flattening the curve" and ensuring everyone around us is also safe so heed this advice. I would like to go for a ride this weekend as I haven't got on the bike since the Argus. But waiting for the decision from my riding club.
  13. The gyms and Discovery will say that they are cleaning the machines and it's ok to go. Because they have a vested interest in all this. The doctors that are at the forefront say it's a big NO. My non-Discovery aligned gym has switched to doing workouts using WhatsApp as this is safer. Anyway, I feel like they may drag their feet with Vitality Rewards but there should be something to compensate us such that we don't lose status because of forced lifestyle changes during this time.
  14. Wasn't planning on spending this much on bibs but I bit the bullet and bought these. Did 40km on Saturday. Then a hard ride at the Argus on Sunday. I feel like I can go for another long ride today. Honestly, this is the best purchase of my cycling life!
  15. Predictions for 2021: E-Bikes will set off after just before 3A. You know, to add some spice to the event.Faired Recumbent Bikes will be actively advertised and encouraged to be the bike of choice at the race. Detour through Boyes Drive due to protests by residents of Kalk Bay.Timing mats will be sneakily placed such that the 2 lappers will be caught and banned forever.Online auction to buy a seeding.More bananas at tables.
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