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  1. Sir Kenty. We try hard and get it right mostly! When we don't we are accountable for the errors too. A review like this is greatly appreciated and makes us proud to get people on Bikes!!!! With deep gratitude and thanks. The Bike Market team!
  2. Hi Knievel, Lynne dropper posts offer excellent value and reliability. Bike Market in Sandton will have a Lynne dropper post for you aswell as a few other options. We can do fitment for you free of charge. Feel free to give us a call on 0615288020 Regards Bike Market team
  3. Hi OscardW We currently have a medium YT Capra carbon Enduro bike in stock which is going for R36 400. It is a second hand bicycle however its still in good condition. If you are looking to finance the bike you can contact I-Me solutions and they will assist you with finance for the bicycle. Please see link below for the bike i am referring to: http://bikemarket.co.za/product/yt-capra-m-carbon-650b-bm1549/ Give me a shout if you are interested or have any further questions Thanks Kirsten 061 525 1032
  4. Looking forward to the next event.
  5. Hey there . Between the two, be aware that the BMC has the lowest end suspension, the ride quality of fox on the Merida frame will far out preform the BMC with poor suspension components. Feel free to call us if you need any other assistance. Enjoy Bike Market 082 220 8527
  6. maybe something else that you have been riding other than your bicycle could have spurred on this "rash"?
  7. Theres plenty of water in the rivers and dams around there I don't know what you complaining about
  8. your local bike shop can order individual crank arms from shimano
  9. I don't think any bike with alex rims would sell for 21k
  10. yep,the new retail on seals and dust wipers is roughly R400 alone
  11. Hey chaps! being quite the diverse bunch here on the hub with regards to cycling discipline's I thought it would be quite interesting to see what ratio of hubbers there are to each dicipline (to make it easier vote on what type of riding you do most of) Rock on...
  12. if you enjoy getting a new warranty frame once a month its perfect
  13. solomans is what cajees wishes they were
  14. \If you going to have top rates for labour the quality of work should match the price
  15. soccer has a goal keeper doesn't mean you cant score
  16. one day ill progress to bunny hop a curb on the spruit...but for now we hike a bike
  17. youre contradicting yourself...what difference does it make if the saddle is second hand but still within the warranty period? surely the change in ownership shouldn't have any effect on your products quality and the period which it should last? it would make sense that, if you had confidence in your product you would extend the warranty to the second owner and cover it for any defects within the original owners warranty period
  18. I know this may not be true in your case but the strength of the rand often plays a large part in crc's price fluctuation
  19. you can weigh up the fact that you will get a better specced second hand 26er than a second hand 29er at the same price but by the same token if you do buy the 29er it will be easier to sell for an upgrade if start to take it more seriously,maybe just re assess your reason for wanting to start off on a 29er as your gain in performance from 29inch wheels on a bike of that spec might be outweighed by the performance of a better specced 26er for the same price. personally id rather ride a well specced 26er than a poorly specced 29er for the same price: Edit:sorry I though an axis a 90 was a 29er
  20. Too much month at the end of your money is never a good thing
  21. i think ones prices should be greatly influenced by looking at supply and demand,there is no sure set way to determine prices by basing your prices as a percentage of the items new value.
  22. its not about the size of the ship in the sea its about the motion of the ocean...
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