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  1. 🙈 the life of an online shopper, wipe your feet before you enter.
  2. It’s called the Ozzie compensater! If you have 5 to go, tell everybody around you it’s 6, confusing the crap of everybody and maybe just maybe you get a kangaroo jump on them! 🤣
  3. Even walking is painful, never mind 53x 13 for a few hours through the french countryside....🙈
  4. Yes, 100% had a guy who is regular sellers who sold me a so called new chain only to presented with parts missing! I think it’s high time to tighten the curtain and start a name&shame list, so we weed out the Tossers who prey on honesty good cycling folk! Anyway my ten cents and vat!
  5. My tour dreams of him winning a stage are officially over! 🥲 what a pity, but his knee said that it won’t take him to Paris! So I guess you have to listen or risk further injury. My ultimate stage finish would of been Cav and Sagan in Paris fighting it out! That would of been an epic way to end the 2021 edition.
  6. Some strange tactics today, but the media are talking about “cracking”, did we all watch the same stage?, giving a rider his own chance to either follow or take a small breather is NOT cracking! Cracking is.... Cadel Evans 2010, that’s when you just can’t do anything. Anyway that’s my two cents. This race has some big twists and turns before we even see Paris. Maybe some broom wagon footage will enhance the word cracking! 🤣🤣🤣and elevate it to it’s true colours.
  7. what a stage, that finish was really a nasty sting, am upset that it took a road side observer (not using the word Fan as that would be too kind)to try get some TV time instead of actually watching the event. Now that’s turned several teams to plan B’s. Some might call it a day if you don’t heal up. Some hard bruises and aches to take to Paris! I called it with the French, so am pleased! Tomorrow however is harder to make a prediction. Everyone is oh Froome not looking good, but let’s be honest, what exactly were they expecting from the poor guy? I think he needs to elevate his career. It’s been 18 months and as much as his got back, a certain level of acceptance has to prevail. I personally think it’s time to close shop on an incredible career! Am just hoping M Woods can still do something for the team. This first week of the tour is brutal... we could see some early retirements.
  8. Almost time, and as predicted the weather will play its part, this crazy stage will have all teams on high alert, will be almost impossible to call on tactics but beware, there will be fireworks on this first stage, as it’s really more of a “Classics” route! Cannot wait.... enjoy the show guys!👍
  9. One of the cooler kits in the race.... let’s hope they have some nice pictures taken at any finishline, am not fussy! 😜
  10. Just a wet finish line to make things interesting 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I ran blue tires on 2006! Way ahead of the curve! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. 100% his insight is massive! A real skill. He will be tested and will advice team accordingly, watch Moviestar, for me they always have a plan and should come out on the outside as the Best squad for the team prize.👍
  13. Valverde for me is an incredible guy at his age to be mixing it with the new wave of talent, look his been a naughty boy in the past, and my first question was that performance at worlds in Hamilton. I think his grown as an athlete and accepted his limitations, his a clever guy who can read the races. I really want his team to win the overall team competition again! ✅
  14. During the race you might be asked to perform this....know your skills! 😉
  15. This year will be challenging, not so much the amounting climbing more on where they placed! I think you might see some good all rounders even contesting... my humble opinion of course. btw:,are you in at the fantasy league? I keep getting the menu that a link has been sent amd then we do it all over again? Haven’t had a chance to assemble my soldiers 😜
  16. If only I could gain access, keeps telling me to click on lick sent To email? Am part of the club but can’t get into preparing team? 🙈
  17. Gosh, there really is a land issue at heart here... wait till land grabs start happening, the farmers already will have the upper hand with all the traps! 🤣🤣🤣 they should be thanking the cyclist for training them up and been sharp. 🤣🤣🤣
  18. Anybody fancy Carapaz? His not mentioned much, but his the guy who can shake this years race up!
  19. With Sam out and Mark in, the team will be under pressure to get results. The first week is pretty much a Classics feel, so will be hard on the riders from the get go! Expect fire works! There is no soft start, it’s basically riding a Classic everyday! Mark will have to survive this new style route layout.
  20. The weather will be a factor in the region, will have to select a rider who will overcome those obstacles...am yet to throw my hat into the ring, but my choice is not VDP!
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