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  1. I'm also not a fan of the ebikes. There were the only blemish on what otherwise was a beautiful day out on the bike. Coming up Smitswinkel, there was a very unmannered guy on an ebike (I was about to say gentleman, but his behaviour was anything other than gentlemanly.) He was shouting at anyone getting in his way as he was trying to pass the non-motorised cyclists on the uphill. I'm not sure how they should be managed. Maybe once the CTCT has a separate 47km race, they can also look at separating out the ebikers to leave us to suffer on our own legpower on the hills without having middle aged man with a lekker vet boep and an attitude flying past.
  2. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/502679/pyga-oneten29 Truly one of a kind considering Pyga stopped production of the OneTen29 in 2017...
  3. https://isikosports.co.za/ They took over AMS from TrailTech while it was in limbo. TrailTech only has their custom branded kits, Isiko Sports seems to have pretty much the full range.
  4. Is there the option to change date to something normal, and not Americanised? I looked but I don't have a 25th month in my calendar...
  5. I donated a few things about 3-4 weeks ago. Dropped them off with Revolution Cycles in Bree Street, they have a box in the corner for all cycling related donations.
  6. Last time that I had access to a scale was last Tuesday, so I'll just log that weight for now. I'll get back to being able to weigh from tomorrow, so there might be an update. My weightloss has definitely not been linear, so I'll see whether it's a good or a bad surprise (The big spike in weight was last year September, when I spent a month travelling, including about 10 days in Italy with all the pizza and gelato. I definitely packed on a few kilos while there)
  7. This month has been filled with ups and downs. My weeks have alternated with days where I am motivated to exercise and eat well and ones where I honestly could give a rat's ass about any of it and proceed to be my couch's best friend and stuff my face with all things yummy. Forgot to weigh this morning, might be that I know I'll be up because pizza is life and I've enjoyed too many treats this month, added to the laziness in the morning has overridden the desire to get up and exercise.
  8. That is pretty standard practice from them, I always double check their prices. But to be fair, the jacket is listed on the Ciovita site directly as R1899...
  9. This is very quickly getting old, just getting the same sales pitch as response to different people talking about bike insurance. We get it. No need to flog a dead horse. 7 posts in a 25 post thread basically saying the same thing... no need to give the same sales pitch again and again and again (and again). It is actually this type of behaviour which will ensure that I will not be heading over to your site.
  10. Those messages are also dated 20 March, so pre-lockdown. Trails are still closed.
  11. No need to move the dough from sunny spot to sunny spot. just wrap in electric blanket and turn it on low
  12. Ciovita Apex bibs were R2999 at the CTCT Expo, before the expo discount, now I see they're R3499. quite a steep increase in 3 weeks.
  13. would have been nice if the ladies bib shorts were in sizes other than for tiny people...
  14. Slight drop in weight this month, so whoop whoop! This right at the time where I have been travelling a lot, with 9 days in Johannesburg and Ethiopia, and another 3 days in Zambia, giving me very little time at home in the last 3 weeks to manage my own shopping and cooking. It's been an interesting 4 weeks though, with our gym's 8 week challenge going. Overall it has massively helped me in making better nutritional choices than I normally would while on the road. I am also used to having a weight-loss challenge where the main aim is to just lose as much weight as possible within a given time. I am very much appreciating (and sometimes find it frustrating) that they are putting emphasis on a more long-term holistic approach to health.
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