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  1. Nothing on how us plebs can grow our followings... 😢
  2. It'll be bloody cold for the first 2.5 hours, so take that into account for your "in the chute" and first 90min of hydration. You may not need to stop to fill up, but might need to stop to empty out...
  3. At least with this race if you start in 30-39 you are only racing those that start with you. No podium for the fastest 30yo that started in the Elite group.
  4. And another route amendment...
  5. The rules are poorly understood and enforcement in even worse...
  6. Normally you cannot start with VA if you are elite, but you can go the other way. If you are VB and start with VA I assume you can win that cat.
  7. Hmm. So maybe even allowed to race Elite with an age group license...
  8. Have to consider how the age categories play into all this. Assuming they follow UCI rules, as it's a UCI sanctioned event, then some teams will be forced to split their riders into different start groups.
  9. It's about 15km downhill back down du Toit's by the looks of it.
  10. The climb at 108km is Old Helshoogte.
  11. I think you kept my teammate on a tether when he went solo on the Fisantekraal road. Wish you would've rather joined him in a break.
  12. We're doing age cat at this one, but I suspect for the pointy end of things there will be no stopping and 100km of arguing about working in the front... 🤷‍♂️
  13. Looks like the water points will be well supplied.
  14. Looks like the weather gods will look kindly on us Sunday. Now I just need to kick this headcold swiftly.
  15. Team VanDM Music race report: JB, Louis and Wilco set out with a plan. We wanted a guy in the break of the day. And we wanted to make the break! Louis started early, followed 3 or 4 attacks that came back. Then he went solo! JB set false tempo and Louis got out hoping that someone would bridge. If the front group grew in size, Wilco would jump the bridge and we would have 2 guys in the break. The peloton brought Louis close and the bridge attempt that went would not get separation and simply brought Louis back. Wilco launched solo after some trying crosswinds just after the halfway mark. The bunch was tiring, and he stayed out there for 13min. This time Louis jumped on the bridge attempts and offered no help. Eventually the peloton brought Wilco back too. JB followed some huge moves too! But it seemed like the peloton just wasn’t going to let a break get out and away for the day. The combination was just not right unfortunately. The peloton settled and a very late move went the distance. We ticked 8/10 boxes. Breakaways are not predictable, we cannot decide who goes and when. This is what makes racing so epic! We tried, it didn’t work. We cannot control how other people race. Decisions get made in the moment. Massive congrats to Hatherly, Trotzky and Van der Bank for rounding out the podium. Great race! We rolled in 22nd position, matches burned, fires lit and happy with a great race! Killarney next, and then the 100miler next weekend 🤘🏻 Cheers everyone
  16. You guys had decent numbers in $... 💪
  17. We have local UCI sanctioned events other than regionals and nationals.
  18. I feel like you just changed your argument completely. You: Here are two things that cause cramping for a fact. Me: Those two theories are common, but no science backing them. You: There are even more theories that science doesn't back, so who should I believe? Me: (...) The science? I just gave you a couple of quotes, but they are from published research, not just google, and they are in line with the current body of evidence. Want to stop cramping? Git Gud.
  19. It's a very common misconception, and the reason you get fed orange slices with salt is because the misconception is so very common... Electrolytes are important, but have very little to do with why you cramp. At least if you care about what can be verified scientifically.
  20. 😛 He needs to watch Emily Batty Needs Carbs.
  21. Cramping is complicated, with some having a predisposition to it that others don't. It's a genetic luck of the draw. Why does a predisposed person cramp on a ride? Going harder for longer than the body has been condition to perform at. You can come off of 12 weeks of 15+ hours and cramp on a 3 hour ride if the intensity is higher than what you are conditioned for. Nutrition is simple. You need carbs. Even when ingesting at the optimal rate you are running an energy deficit when you are pushing yourself. If you are taking in less carbs than optimal then you are limiting the duration you can go for. If your race is short enough it will be fine, since you started with glycogen stores to see you through, but you compromised your recovery. If you have ample fat stores and keep your HR below 50% of max, then sure, you don't need carbs while riding (or for the next week after riding), just water will be fine.
  22. Lots of misinformation on cramping and nutrition bubbling up in this thread... 🙄
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