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  1. There are so many Forkie. Compulsive watching on YouChoob. I thoroughly recommend an evening with the 'phones on watching song after song from Mr Moracchioli.
  2. Almost any cover by Leo Moracchioli Try this one for starters
  3. Strength my friend. I've been in the process for over two years now. I asked my wife for a divorce on 14 October 2015. It's been a pretty damn crappy ride. In fact I've been so down about it, that I've stopped visiting or posting on the Hub. After many, many delaying tactics by my wife and her lawyer, I have now been granted a court date in October 2019...! I take it you wouldn't be adverse to some advice. I was married to a demon woman. A covert, malicious, malignant narcissist who tried her very best to f*ck me up and to f*ck up my family over the 21 years we were married. Hopeful
  4. Right. I've caught up As I've said to you before my friend, you're not a talker, you're a doer. And those types are hard to find. Inspirational.
  5. Given the year I've had... this is playing round and round and round in my head:
  6. SAGecko

    Who remembers?

    Willard Price? African Adventure Volcano Adventure South Sea Adventure etc...
  7. Don't be a such a big girl's blouse, Myles. No-one gives a toss what your toetsies look like . Except, maybe, for the resident Hub foot-fetishists... they actually do give a toss
  8. I'm off on my hols' next Monday and I won't be back until January 4th. I forsee a lot of beer and food passing my lips. I'm pretty damn sure I will be going over 100kg's, but I will try like heck to not over-indulge..... (Keep telling yourself that, Gecko). So January is going to have to be a bread and water month. Am I right in saying that this thing ends on January 31st?
  9. When last did you see your feet
  10. Well, you know what they say? Big hands.... Big feet....... Bi..... (two outta three ain't bad)
  11. Have you seen my avatar? That's actually me
  12. And 1.89 meters tall. Let the games begin
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