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  1. cool. I think day one 1 will be caledon -> R320 (Hemel e Aarde) and then day 2 will be Caledon -> R316. Thanks very much for the feedback!
  2. Yeah I’m kicking myself for not bringing the cross bike as it would have been perfect. I’ll try put together a route along the lines suggested. Cheers everyone!
  3. True story. Yeah Im not too keen on it and out and back rides suck generally, however want to get some distance in...
  4. Hey Hubbers So I have managed to wind up in Greyton sans mtb and with my road bike. Hoping for some advice on where I can go as want to avoid gravel grinding as much as possible. Ive plotted out out a route that spends some time on the N2 as it looks like theres a nice climb near botrivier that id like to hit. (is this a bad idea...?) Here is the route so please go wild, rip it up and suggest alternatives - Im all ears! https://www.strava.com/routes/11122265 TIA Luke
  5. I just typed this on a PPA thread... https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/165923-what-is-the-ppa-doing/?p=3067603
  6. And f*ck. long replied lost. Round 2. Ive read through the proposal that CT is putting forward for review - comments close on the 24th (http://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Have-your-say/Issues-open-for-public-comment/comment-on-the-proposed-draft-cycling-strategy) and have 2 observations. 1. WTF happened in 2008/2009? As you can see below accidents skyrocketed.I've plotted serious injuries and death on the secondary axis so that they are not lost in the wash. Of concern is that the these numbers are with the current 1% cycling - I shudder to think what these numbers could look like if nothing changes w.r.t safely and driver education and they reach their targeted 8%. Positively - and I see that PPA is named in the document as s stakeholder with which to meet - they highlight 2 strategies to be implemented in the ST - 1- 3 years: Engage in a process to develop a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy and plan and engage stakeholders on traffic regulations, the rights of users and safe user behaviour and improve incident reporting systems Develop a strategy and plan through transversal approaches and agreements to improve and develop reporting systems, observation methods, prioritised enforcement operations, interagency agreements and standard operating procedures What I dont see is any mention of placing signs such as ones that everyone has been posting in this thread. Can I humbly request that everyone active on this post goes here: https://www.capetown.gov.za/_layouts/15/WebFeedback.SharePoint/webfeedback.aspx?id=21e99ba8-1cc6-4b24-b804-39300a372202 and posts a comment. I have shared mine - its in no means ideal or even well worded but if it means that someone else is more likely to comment on their plan then go for it. A key component for bicycle safety is driver awareness of the requirement to share the road. As such we request that you also inlcude the development of signs such as these: http://www.hpepublichealth.ca/sites/default/files/3%20feet%20sign%20NEW.pngand post them at regular (1km) intervals on all identified cycling routes. This has been proved to work in other cities around the work in increasing awareness. In addition - by building the cycling laws into the K53 drivers test awareness will be created. Maybe naively but im hoping that if enough cyclists request that they include signage as a awareness plan then it might happen.
  7. Yeah that is the usual caveat right? good thing our coverage providers are diligently working 24/7 to improve the network in SA @ Dave - good to know - I agree that the tech is possible - just need to wait it out. Im just imagining the perfect storm where someone is mugged - they activate the tracker and then some of the guys who comment on the hijacking stories find the guys who took the bike...
  8. that would be best as would build the cost into the insurance premium so overall lower cost right? I guess if this became too well known then the thieves would start looking out for them and you'd have to get creative about where you placed it without compromising the gps signal (I'm guessing in the BB next to the team sky motor) wouldn't work
  9. while killing time at the orifice today I wandered across this inidegogo campaign. Its aimed at kids and pets but I thought it would be great to use with the things we love the most. Tracking down our bikes. It reads to be a pretty badass GPS tracker that you could hide somewhere on your bike and then if stolen locate your bike on the app. The cell subscription seems pretty reasonable $89 (+ $10 for international coverage) - and if one bulk buys 10 then this comes down to $78. This include a year of data coverage subs - then i think its $46 a year every year after that... Oh battery like is 3 months. What do you guys think? https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ping-the-world-s-smallest-global-gps-locator-bluetooth#/ I see it has an accelerometer built in so it could be updated to have crash detection built in..
  10. While it is a small change - being able to have the varia radar vibrate your wrist when there is a car speeding from behind you is a nice addition. what I dont get is my varia radar talks to my 510, but wont talk to a much newer fenix 3...
  11. Confession - rewatched this movie last night. Still terrible.
  12. My two cents here- I have a diverge with the tekro mech discs and the braking is really not great - have ordered a sram rival hydro (the set with the clown levers) as have read good things on them. If possible I'd avoid mech discs... And to answer the OP, next road bike will be disc - but only come upgrade time, not rushing out to buy a new one now...
  13. Hi Everyone Anyone heard anything about Cape Town expressing an interest in appointing a "bicycle mayor" in 2017? http://www.eltis.org/discover/news/amsterdam-appoint-bike-mayor-netherlands "'We plan to inaugurate our first 25 cycle mayors in cities as diverse as Beijing, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Cape Town and Warsaw. It will result in a yearly conference, starting in Amsterdam in 2017,' said CycleSpace co-founder Roos Stallinga." While im imagining a john Waynesque character tickets people who park in bike lanes and clearing out that hotspot where the PPA has advised against cycling, Im curious to hear everyone's views on this, and if anyone else is aware of further developments?
  14. rode the Le'Tape Korea about 2 weeks ago and loved it. was around 130 kms on closed roads (rare in Korea) here's my blog about it. http://www.mrlikerbiker.com/2016/11/07/froome/ In summary great day out and if you can start at the front then you get good time with Froome. Awesome race village too and they usually give away a froome dogma at the event! https://www.strava.com/activities/766083107 hope I can make the SA one.
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