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  1. Im still tracking. just forgot to input my weight this month. I did well, and in July covid hit.... 2 months of hell and 4kg back on the hips...
  2. looking through all the posts. man Im jealous. Im still recovering from a bad case of Covid. Played with the dog today for about 5 min and my heart rate shot up to 120bpm (I measured). so still about 3 weeks off the bike. sucks. but It could be worse.
  3. oh it was a beautiful sight! Got as excited as a kid in a candy store. wifey thought I lost my marbles
  4. that would be bloody brilliant and true to mvdp form
  5. Cav the man! Im loving this year's TDF big time!
  6. Pogacar riding rim brakes. good man.
  7. and the time lost for some strong gc guys. complete dissarray
  8. Stoked for Cav! Fantastic to see the Missile back on form
  9. Seems this year's winner will not be decided by who is first, but who is left. Savage!
  10. I think its the unpredictability of the these cyclocross champs that adds some spice to the peloton. I like it. But yes we'll see what he will do. today is quite flat so I doubt he'll try anything. Unless he has a green jersey in mind.
  11. Have you ever seen MVDP sitting in the main bunch for a chill ride? He took yellow at Flanders the one day, and the next day the yellow jersey was in the break away...... He is a legend in the making.
  12. Tour de France fan that caused chaotic crash facing jail term as police launch search (msn.com) Seems at least they are taking the spectator incident seriously. Doubt they'll find her, but this will hopefully be a deterrent for future idiots being true to their nature.
  13. ah I didnt see him. thats great.
  14. so effectively the tdf gc is between the slovenians and Thomas.
  15. same. GCN+ and Express VPN works a charm
  16. Sagan for an 8th Green jersey. he is getting good form
  17. yes. but no coverage in SA. hear VPN suggestion flying around though
  18. Maniax


    which vpn are you using?
  19. haha. you do what you can in cpt. manage to rack about 80% of it in a almost continuous 30km.
  20. went looking for hills to climb. was leka
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