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    Braai etiket...

    Let me drop this here. In support of Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue. Free delivery in SA. Purchase tickets online And if you're in Joburg on Friday 24th they're having a spit braai to raise funds as well.
  2. General medical aid query. I'm currently a principal member on a health plan but my ex will take over and I want ti get my own policy. Do I need to reapply as a new applicant or is there a way all my historical data can be transferred that I can bypass all the hoops and tests etc? Anyone know?
  3. Doing a weekend away in the area - Parys / Vredefort Dome area and the only riding at our accomodation is 6km and they want R150 even for guests that are staying there. Would consider extending my stay in the area to take my bike along and keen to get in max 30km distance on easy /intermediate type off road riding during the week. I've seen https://www.koedoeslaagte.com/ but they seem to only be open on weekends
  4. Hey fellow dog lovers I'm putting this here as it's urgent and for a friend. If anyone can at least help with fostering. Unfortunately all family members live in complexes and there's nowhere for the dog to go.
  5. Size 8 Used #notFlat Free to whoever needs it Collect in edenvale or R100 to postnet.
  6. Previously managed to buy some off someone that mailed it to us and got it to propagate nicely. I have silver dollars and they eat absolutely everything but the moss if it takes should be fine. Give the bottom feeder types something to do.
  7. Does any body have some Java moss snippings lying around that i can get my hands on to do some propagating?
  8. Trust me Iv'e always been petrified of birds, I'm still a bit weary and I have a VERY healthy respect for the power of these birds, but here's me sitting with a Hyacinth Macaw on my arm
  9. 100% a huge part of the rehab centre is education and they push hard especially to school kids - birds are meant to be free in the trees (except ostriches and waterbound ones) - NOT in cages. it's the saddest thing seeing a beautiful macaw struggling to make its way down a branch or fence and you just want to scream and the birds and say fly - you can fly!!!! No doubt there are birds that are well treated and have a healthy relationship with their human - but the exotic animal trade is ridiculous and having them as companion animals adds to the demand sadly.
  10. I've always been scared of birds. Even a dove fluttering near me would freak me out. Last year when I was unemployed and decided to spend some time volunteering, I chose to go bird rather than cats or dogs because I figured I wouldn't get all emotionally attached.Boy was I wrong. These 200 odd birds have all stolen my heart That's Gidget. A very nervous Goffin Cockatoo. I decided I'd try and befriend her. She seems to trust me now but takes convincing to leave her safe space that is her cage. I could show you guys a pic of a piece of ear that one of the volunteer's husbands lost but I might get a warning
  11. Exactly this. I was at the sanctuary one day when a woman arrived with her cockatoo - she handed it to me and said I've had him for 12 years - I don't want him anymore will you take him. I started crying. I had to walk away and get someone else to deal. It's ridiculous. They're such a long commitment - bloody hell they last longer than most marriages.
  12. It's usually a combination of bad diet and stress. Unlike dogs, Parrots are very particular about who they bond with. People get a parrot from a breeder or a pet shop and think the bird will be all cute and cuddly like they see on Instagram. Then when the bird doesn't bond with them, and is aggressive and noisy - they get locked in a cage with a bowl of seeds and that's it. That or they're handed from person to person and the birds develop major anxiety. Parrots experience PTSD like humans. These parrots need so much stimulation. And a large parrot like the African Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws live in captivity 40-60 years. If you have kids, think of the terrible twos - that goes on for 40 years.
  13. Haha Misty does BoHo chic. Unfortunately she's a self mutilator and she plucks her feathers. That's quite an old pic -she's a fragile little girl so it's to keep her warm though they never stay on long. Right now during summer she has a soft collar on - much like a collar of shame but these birds are all rescue birds and many of them have holes in their chests from self mutilation so until we can rehabilitate them out of the habit of biting themselves, they got to wear their funny jerseys. current collar - it's soft so doesn't get the way and if she chews she chews the collar - not herself. common sight amongst rescue birds - a hole in their chest from self mutilation and some other more "designer" gear for the flock all residents of parrot rehab facilty in joburg https://web.facebook.com/BrainyBirds/
  14. Uni

    Found iPhone

    I've been on the receiving end of amazing kindness the last few weeks and I saw this post and I could not resist adding this .. back in October my friend was on a roadtrip with her boyfriend. At a Lydenberg stop she left her wallet behind in the ladies. It was turned in to a security guard who then tracked her down, phoned her and turned out lived in Joburg and was able to meet her and return it. Everything intact.
  15. You take a tumble in the mud ONCE and suddenly they're calling you names and it's all over social media ????
  16. Uni

    Geek funnies

    i got this from @henningvr
  17. Not rules per say but coming from a weekend warrior that is bound to be "in your way" at some point don't assume we can hear you coming up - speak up if you want to pass. I'm more than happy to stop and pull over if you just make your intention known. if you're in a group - it's a nice heads up to say 4 passing on your right or something to that effect. please don't ride up someone's arse just because you think you're in control. Don't be a bully. don't request to pass me when 100m down the trail you've stopped anyway - and then we play cat and mouse again. leave no trace - if you take crap on the trails - take them home with you - even if it's "organic" i do appreciate the people that ask "are you ok" when i'm stopped at the side of the trail - but at least slow down to wait for an answer - or don't bother? don't make detours around puddles etc - ride the damn puddle - all you're doing is destroying the trail. Don't ride the trails after a lot of rain. pay to use the trails that are pay to use.
  18. If it's his land , he's entitled to protect it from trespasses.
  19. Ola. I'm looking for Michelin racer 29" 2.25 and 2.1 tyres. Anyone know where I can get them please.
  20. https://twitter.com/Elijah_Perrin/status/1304636802859298816?s=09 Oh sorry just see the post above was on same thing
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