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    The Munga 2020

    The Ladies race is really getting exited. Only 19km between 2nd and 6th place ladies.
  2. It might be a DOC rider. I will ask the group captain.
  3. Awesome. Wonder how she will cope in end November Karoo heat endurance race.
  4. Awesome, well done Carlog. I really loved your family support and encouragement. But I believe they must have heard more than you ever time something did not go to plan. ( I myself also fell off my bike falling asleep, and more than 10 times, but speaking to my wife, she also had the knowledge not to make it a big deal, as this probably would have made me think twice of going further) respect Carlog.
  5. Being off the bike for over a year this was my first race again. I really enjoyed it. Did the 70 km race with the though of mud. But as mentioned the course design was awesome preventing any major mud puddles. Also appreciated the 40km riders always giving space to pass without asking. Well done all.
  6. Hi Marietjie. As Walkerr mentioned only with time will it get better. It took me almost to middle February for my hands to be heeled. Also spoke to my GP about it (he is a ultra runner himself) and said one don’t need to worry about it as it is like pinched nerves and it will get better.
  7. Yes I do agree Mike was not talking about the winners. (But I personally think the past winners must still feel hard done) I also heard from one of the top five finishers of this yeas Munga about support ahead of him. Also no names mentioned. The Munga should stick to it’s original rules, or change it.
  8. Agree 100% what was said. I personally thinks past winners (and top 10 finishers) will feel cheated with regards to this years superhuman time to complete the race. (I even felt almost to embarrassed to recall to my wife my time for finishing the 2017 Munga in just under 4 days. Almost two days longer than this years winner , Not that I was in their league at all)
  9. What an absolute disgrace!!! (Is this just again proving the total incompetence of our CSA, or is our governmental sporting bodies also turning a blind eye to these select individuals for political reasons?) don’t tell me potential sponsorship could not have been arraigned.
  10. Hi Vetseun This is also what I tried to make the point about. That advice is always appreciated from people who have firsthand experience, but as you just mentioned again, each person will need to finally decide for themselves what will work or not. (The camel pack, and lack of training with the TT bars was my own experience, and should I do it again, I will probably use the same setup as before, as that made me feel comfortable . Also the reason for the camel pack decision last year was because of the race the previous year when it was so hot and windy, and how many contestants dropped out almost in the first 200km due to dehydration) I therefore tried to give my experience and what worked for me, not imply what should be used or not used for the Munga. But I am sure you will agree? Off the subject of training preparation. So, have you entered again?
  11. Sam81. It has been said or suggested in the past to ride this race on your bike you feel the most comfortable with. There are entrants who did it on gravel bikes, hard tails, and full suspension. It will all depend on your bike you generally favor for long rides that is going to give you the confidence to feel the most relaxed to stay in the saddle for the duration of the ride. Therefore no matter what other people say, ride the bike you think is the best suited for you for this race. Just as a side note. You mentioned maybe doing the Munga with a Camel bag. I did it with one and it was never an issue. (I could only fit 2 bottles onto my bike and had another 2 to 3 liters in my camel bag) you are going to experience all sorts of pains and discomforts during the ride, so the additional back pain won’t even be noticed. ( I never ever used a camel pack for any of my races before. These include J2C, Trans Bavian, and 360ne racers). I then started doing all my long training rides first with the empty pack, and over a period adding more and more things into the pack. This way I never felt any discomfort. Also remember to leave space on your handle bars for lights, GPS. I also fitted TT bars which was a total waist as I probably used it less than 2 hours for the complete ride. (This was again not practicing with it long enough) Good luck on your training and just remember this important thing. Your fitness is probably only going to count for about 20% of the race. Your mental strength is going to count 80%.
  12. Think the date change is a good idea. Many cyclists used to do Joberg2C and 36one. (Me included) This year both races started on the same day. ( this year I gave both a rest after being none stop sick after Munga, but if had to choose between the two, I think J2C most likely would have been first choice)
  13. RIP fellow cyclist. And my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  14. Best of luck in recovering well enough to get back on the bike soon.
  15. Wow. That's a real bummer Eddie. Hope you get all your belongings before it really becomes a stressful issue. I know the last thing you want to worry now about is crap like this. Good luck.
  16. Well done to Kevin. This was truly an epic of an adventure race. Sarah is just one astonishing competitor. So too, to the remaining 4 guys who look like they will all complete the event. Absolute Respect.
  17. Speed Racer, email you today to find out more about the event. Hope you received email thanks.
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