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  4. I don't think there is a chance of sub 3hrs if I start in A (or anywhere else). Once I am dropped I lose 5 minutes immediately plus if I finish with the leaders of the group behind they are usually about 2-3mins off the group infront so loosing your group means a 7-8 minute penalty. With VA and VB behind racing I will be less likely to hang with the surges so thats another couple of groups dropped so thats 20mins lost. F seems like the best bet I think.
  5. If I have a prov seeding of A (was VA but I don't have a licence) but have not ridden a bike since the 2007 argus and probably will not be able to until the argus 2008 . Which group should I start in so I can wheelsuck along to a reasonable time in my untrained state, don't get taken down by an idiot and finish at a reasonable hour of the day. I think A-E are out as I will not hang on at the hills.
  6. Yes its a good idea Its safe in my opinion Its not that far (about 120-150km if you go into the reserve costs R55 unless you have a wild card) so a stay over is not really required anywhere, but Simons Town seems a nice place. CycleLab (Westlake) is the only place I know that hires road bikes. Afew places hire Mountain Bikes, but don't know them by name.
  7. Download the instructions from the Campag website and give it a go.
  8. last year I was amazed that they had my provisional result up by the time I got home 2 hours after I finished. Not sure what has gone wrong this year.
  9. Zaskar you were obviously in a different B bunch to me. 3 yes 3 crashes before the end of blue route one of which strangely was uphill! Two of them were caused by the hand cyclists not being seen untill too late and the other I have no idea. There were another 2 upto Glen Cairn the last one of which had me being forced into the curb, magically I managed to stay upright! then it all quietend down a bit.
  10. I use the Pro Race and have had 3 punctures in 3 years. Reasonable price too. Problem is I have used nothing else so cannot compare.
  11. I am in B. Hoping to improve on my 3:00:04 from last year (E). But not sure if I can stay with the fast boys up the hills.
  12. thread. Who offers (excellent) road bike setup in Cape Town. I have fiddled around so much with everything I don't know where I am or what feels best. I need someone to put me back to the standard measurements and make small changes from there. (or set me up perfectly first time)
  13. The crash on the hill coming out of the reserve did involve a car. White BMW was overtaking a group that had just entered the reserve and the D-E bunch were going the other way. No room for both groups and the BMW. Not sure what happened behind apart from lots of crash and bang sounds. Nobody was over the white line apart from the BMW. However I heard that there was a more serious crash on the decent of Slangkop where a rider went under a bakkie they were trying to avoid.
  14. Yup I was on the Maverick team. Which one were you?
  15. I had two peanut butter sandwiches, 5 bottles Octane, one PVM bar and two Gels and some wine gums. Could not eat the PVM bars so will use more gels next time.
  16. JimFrase

    DC Survivors...

    Our team time is out by 5 minutes. Distance I measured was 201.99km. Started with only 9 riders, down to 6 riders by the start of the first hill, one puncture and a very strong rider to drag us home over the last 50-60km. I cannot remember if we had 3 or 4 stops I cramped most of my leg muscles and a couple are still sore today. Time for a massage. I had a good day out, team support was great as was the support from other teams.
  17. 6 bottles (I hope the support vehicle can refill the empty ones if I need more, its going to be hot) 2 Gels 5 PVM 1 bag nuts 1 bag wine gums
  18. This is no good 4 or five pages of a language I cannot read. Please help a pommy and type english. I promise we won't beat you at the rugby again (don't mention the ashes).
  19. Yup the thumb shifts and the lever shift as very useable in the drops on my Campy.
  20. I had a crap race in the sub vets, got carried away in the early sections then while opening an energy bar another attack went off the front and I got dropped. Then I fell at the railway crossing just outside Robertson going at about 10km/ hr both embarassing and painful. The fall also put another dent in my frame. My bike is so dirty I may have to clean it.
  21. I must say that this is the first time WT have messed up my results. But when I asked them to correct it they accused me of crossing the start timing mats with the Elites not the SV. I didn't do that and the results have not been corrected yet. I think afew subvets have the same issue as me because only 17 are listed and lost more than that started.
  22. How do I stop the SMS messages coming my way. I do not remember asking for them and they are very annoying.
  23. I was wearing FIDENTIA kit, white black and orange.
  24. I cannot make it if it starts before 6pm. Infact 6:15 would be a much better start time.
  25. I was in the C/D group with you. I was one of the 10-12 that did some work (i think) but as Marius said the little rise about 15km from the end caused me trouble and I fell off the back. Then I dragged the rest of the dropped group from there to the end with almost no help, but it was good training. Its was annoying when they told me that they could not come to the front because they were dying just trying to stay in the bunch, then they all jump past me in the last km with fresh legs.
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