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  1. Im a happy Bryton 35T user. Definitely like the support they give compared to Garmin. Keep it up I understand its a fairly new product/brand and accept certain hiccups but they they always come through on the support side of things
  2. Was a nice day for racing. Well Done Andre Great seeing you after the race too, since our stint at K2Coast. I think everyone improved their times and PB. Rode in B and it was fiery till the end. Managed 2:32 with front bunch. Thoroughly enjoyed it this. We ou toppies can still sit with the young guns
  3. Karoo To Coast Oudtshoorn 3 day Vigne Vigne
  4. Yes you do get those chaps that are not "amped up", that just wanna get on with racing in a considerate manner. MediClinic
  5. If Anton is such a fantastic guy, as everyone syays, then you have nothing to worry about. He'll want to keep you as a nother satisfied customers. Hulle het die reg om my n vuil kyk te gee. Ek was verkeerd om daai goed van hulle te sĂȘ. Ek sal my straf soos n man vat admitting = half the battle won. All best with your new frame and building a new relationship with them
  6. Nice to see you "manned up" GLAD YOU DIDNT RUN AWAY AS MEMTIONED Maybe they'll apologise too F.I.M
  7. Ive been using one for about a year now. dont have any issues with it. bought for two reasons i.e battery life and rotating lens design. 5Hr extended battery life and with the rotating lens design, i can mount it anywhere at any angle. great for mtb and trail running. footage is great 720/1080 frame rate up to 60. My choice over Go Pro. Price performance-wise
  8. jungleplaya

    Karoo to Coast

    Hey thanx for the lekker TITS ou boet Will ride with anyday :thumbup:
  9. Big rip off Only doing it cos my mates are in too To all you guys doing it, go hard have fun and have try n not choke on my dust...... Kidding Be safe
  10. I always used him as a reference: " I road my first Argus when Ertjies won his first Argus, 1981" My childhood cycling hero. RIP Ertjies
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