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  1. Definitely rideable, you just have to be mindful of your cranks on Rocky and rough terrain. Rode it like that for 3 weeks no other issues! The BB drop difference is like 1cm, so doesn't sound much, but you notice here and there. Had no issue jumping or doing like 5ft drops. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  2. Ran it with 150mm and 160mm fork at 26, bb was just too low, even with 165mm cranks. At 650b now it just feels right. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  3. Really nice! Good width and feel good! Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  4. Awesome newish tranny [emoji41] Scout build. Built it up with old 26" parts and finally migrated to 650b: Pike DP RC 160/130mm Hope Pro 4 E*thirteen trs+ rims Ice tech rotors SLX brakes Zee shifter, crank, derailer (1x10) Funn Fatboy bars Funn Stryge stem Maxxis DHF Maxxis Aggressor Just needs a dropper now.. Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  5. Maybe to answer your question directly, from your description, I'd recommend you look at the 2.4 Ardent for the front, and something like the crossmark for the rear. It'll take a while for your son to find the tyres he likes though. It's quite a personal thing and depends on riding style, terrain and weight. Edit: Just to add, the wife rides Schwalbe 2.25 Rocket Rons Front and Back, and loves them, but she also weighs like 49kg's and isn't an aggressive rider by any means.. So ya.
  6. Having ridden Conti, Schwalbe and Maxxis, on Gauteng hardpack and rocky (Hakahana/Helderkruin/Thaba), I stick to Maxxis!! Conti's (x king, M King): Really don't seem to hold up to my type of riding. Schwalbe (Rock Razor, NN, Hans): Grippy but the outside knobs feel soft when cornering hard and just don't seem to hold the line. Almost like they fold in. Maxxis: Harder wearing and hold up well to rocks and punctures! Currently Running DHF 2.5/DHR2 2.3 on the trail bike and DHF 2.5/Ardent 2.4 on the DJ. Really like the combos, but i'm switching the DHR2 for an Aggressor as rolling resistance is horrific The 2.4 Ardent is a really nice tyre and more than capable as a front for longer distance type riders who want more volume.
  7. I don't think there is any inherent disadvantages with either. Internal just looks better. But some things to bear in mind with an external: Depending on the design means slack in the cable when dropped, this extra cable can be a nuisance unless you have a way for it to slide cleanly next to the frame. Secondly, this sliding cable could cause additional frame rub..However adjusting and/or bleeding an external is normally much easier!
  8. Thanks, but just so stole the deore of the wife's bike. She hasn't ridden it in like a year Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  9. Ya I love Rapide! Awesome service every time!
  10. To me it sounds like it happens with each power stroke. So it's possible for it to be frame flex around the seatpost, but more likely the freehub or bearings. Are those cone hubs? If so give them a service, fresh grease and check if your cones are pitted and make sure the hub is correctly tightened.
  11. Ya if I don't come right, might just get a set of zee's Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks! Sandton/midrand normally. Hoping to find a replacement/fix but until then I've stolen the wife's front break.[emoji1] Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  13. So entirely my fault, I put the bleed block in half arsed since I couldn't slide it fully in from the bottom (adapter blocking it), I slotted it in from the top. Looked good and seemed like decent contact for the pistons; but alas whilst pumping the break the piston cracked leaking mineral oil everywhere! Seems you can't buy these separately? So who has a broken slx calliper I can use for parts [emoji2] or are there​ 3rd party pistons available? Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
  14. After an unfortunate case causing my rear linkage to snap and blow the low speed compression dial out the shock of my giant reign; Discovery sent the bike off to cycle tech for assessment and fixing. Not only did they manage to source the required parts, but gave the bike a good once over! They even replaced additional suspension bearings and gave the bike a thorough cleaning! My drive train is shining so much it looks new!! I'm also pretty sure they replaced my gear cable or at least cleaned it up and crimped it. See the before and after pics! Sent from my Mi-4c using Tapatalk
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