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  1. Any comments on the quality of this: https://www.onedayonly.co.za/products/pr1200-lightweight-cycling-frontlight-3-20210707 Tnx
  2. After approx. 17 pairs of Asics they succeeded in their attempts to lose a customer and I switched to Saucony and also grabbed a pair of HOKA OneOne Ahari 4 to see what the hype is about. Not a lot of k's done on the Hoka's yet (~70Km), but I have noticed one thing, absolutely horrible (slipping) on even slightly wet roads, much more so than the Asics and the Saucony's.
  3. I have a Rinsten (bought at Satellite Classic reg as mention above.) Pm if you want to test drive it.
  4. Yes the R74 is fine bar the odd pothole here and there. Drove it twice in Dec 20 and encountered quite a few cyclists (and their support vehicles) on the road.
  5. What DiD said - a better seating position and half size larger shoes cured my numb toes.
  6. I made (long enough) brackets which hook over the roof's tie beam. (No ceiling) PS : I also use the Levitate bracket mentioned above, works well. (The secure one though.)
  7. ​​Rethinking What Power Meters Mean for Runners It seems Stryd is changing their 'Running Power' def to : https://www.stryd.com/running-power-definition
  8. Perhaps contact Upington Cycle and Outdoor They might even have their rides still going.
  9. From our club, he also did Marathon Des Sables a couple of years ago.
  10. ​​The Munga 2020 Live Tracker
  11. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!
  12. How difficult is it to slide off? (Iow just slide it off when not in use then?)
  13. Yr's view. Oh well, will at least be nice and cool.
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