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  1. I think we might have been together a little bit. The rain got me on that long district road drag just before the tar. I was riding in black but my freind was in black and yellow.
  2. Thanks so much vettie.
  3. I rode from cradock to willowmore on the freedom trail just before the race and had a bad crash when my crank broke off my bike. Hurt my knee and battled with it daily. Just before 360one we were able to rest for two days. So going into the race I felt pretty rough. The race was hard and my freind and I stuck together. The night was long and those last few hills horrible. I got caught in the rain in the last hour. My knee at this stage was unbearable but we pushed through. I'm so glad I did not give up but there were times when my mind went walkabout to dark places. The cheerful folks at the watertables and the medics we joked with at the feed stations were great.
  4. It's simple. These bikes are for girls like me to maintain with the guys.
  5. On glad you had a good time. The weather here the last few days has been very wet and foggy. You made the right decision to head back....when its foggy you can get lost in those mountains for days. The climbing takes some getting used to but the views are amazing.
  6. Rocknrolla....you will be fine. I took chukky up there a few years ago and he survived. Granted the temp was 42 deg at the top of the bat that day. Looking forward to some feedback from you
  7. I'd suggest doing some community work. Sometimes helping those less fortunate gives us an appreciation for what we have an a realistic perspective of our lives. Take stock of everything and refocus on the goals that are really achievable and important. We often are just unhappy because we keep comparing ourselves to others, and the stuff that used to bring us joy like being motivated to ride our bikes early in the morning are now a chore. Finding motivation will come when you find gratitude. Lots of good vibes for your journey.
  8. Exactly. Plus it is a huge responsibility being a pet owner. You cannot leave your poor pups all cold early in the morning with nobody to cuddle with on the couch. That would just be selfish
  9. I find that when I ride and I'm comparing my strava times, counting mileage chasing qom and all that junk I put even more pressure on myself. For a while I have not raced and have not bothered with the structured intervals and all those things. To just get on a bike when and how I want to is wonderful. Humans are competitive things...we always compare ourselves to others and our past efforts.....so I've resisted the urge.....and not even bothered with strava for ages. A time will come when I set a race or event as a goal and I'll up my training then...but for now I'm just enjoying myself. To all the crazy folks freezing their asses off at 6am on a bike...good luck...I'm in bed with a coffee playing clash of clans. I'll ride later when the world defrosts!
  10. And just like that the thread is resurrected! The evanesance song 'bring me back to life' came to mind. Damn.....now it's stuckin my head. Damn you shebeen ????????????
  11. A good friend of mine has them. They are clever,energetic,loving and are very healthy. When the female was still a pup she was bloody naughty
  12. I went to the shop today and saw the most disgusting small pineapples selling for 18.99 each. I guess that's what happens when something is in demand.
  13. I'll raise you one bullet hole sticker. Problem fixed
  14. We made a 2.2 km cross country track on the farm. Some singletrack in the gums and 100m of climbing for every loop. We ride down the stone steps and jump the terraces between the platforms and then ride over the dam wall. Its keeping me sane right now....but it's hard riding all these steep climbs. My butt is so stiff. I miss the long gravel rides riding next to friends and talking nonsense. But I'm grateful I can ride a bit, I see my friends posting strava maps that look like balls of wool where the ride around their houses and tennis courts.
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