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  1. Bought a set of those wheels weeks ago so early days yet. My first pair of carbon wheels so my points of comparison are entry level bontrager oem paradigms and a pair of aeolus comp rim brake :faux" carbon wheels (essentially a good quality ally rim with a 50mm carbon faering attached). Customer service was excellent and friendly. Plentiful stock and I watched my wheels being lovingly packed. They behave well in cross winds although I wou;ldn't like to be caught in a proper gale with them and I am a heavier rider. A vast improvement in stiffness and also comfort over the others I've experienced which I didn't expect. And of course there's a bling factor of 50mm rims which just makes one feel like a proper cyclist which in turn makes you faster. I think it's a no brainer because there is nothing even remotely close to this quality at this price point and I advise a trigger pull before CTCT.
  2. Imagine instead of battling to keep a dysfunctional railway system running in Cape Town, we converted the railway network into a bicycle highway. Sure we would need to devote resources to security but that would be a fraction of the cost of failing to maintain it in the way we currently do.
  3. Neither do backmarkers!! Inclined to swerve worse than Julian Alaphilippe in a sprint.
  4. A gpx file of the route CTCT_2020_from_1K.gpx
  5. 92kg throws a good draught but I think you might get frustrated at the pace! Stop me and say hello next time
  6. See all the crowds watching the race in Flanders yesterday -- nary a mask in sight, happy people cheering wildly, laughing in each other's faces, blowing trumpets aerosolysing (sp) micro droplets of spittle which settle over the crowd ..... wanna play like that again? Vaccinating 72% of their population allows them to do that while we mask up and think twice before kissing our mothers. Edit to add - .... unless we also reach that target there seems to be a chance that their freedom won't last so 2022 or maybe 2023 world champs we might see spectatorless coverage.
  7. I haven't been sure of how much I liked JA... Now I'm a huge fan. Those three attacks were daring, properly courageous, seizing his moment and it paid off big time. What a thrilling race
  8. Interesting. Do you find that it destabilises the saddle? I imagine pedalling a bumpy road and finding that my hips are not stable or different saddle height in different phases of the pedal stroke?
  9. The stretch before simonstown after black hill gets bumpier and bumpier every week
  10. Danny mcaskill (sp?) could. And bunny hop into a backflip landing on a tightrope afterwards.
  11. Ja exactly. I'm also pleased because it means I can attend knowing that there is some risk management of the factors I cannot control regarding being exposed to this infernal bug. Makes me feel safer.
  12. I refer to my gravel bike as the bastard offspring from the torrid affair between my road and mountain bikes - combines the worst features of it's parents. But I love it anyway - I do my 2.5km work commute on it and my last major adventure on it was a 130km 70% gravel loop around Malmesbury. A lovely day out - not a corrugation in sight just rolling farmland dirt roads with a late lunch in Riebeek Kasteel. At the end of the day I often rip along the singletrack paths on the Rondebosch common in my work clothes - like a kid on the way home from school - puts a smile on my face.
  13. Yes - it's also not about complete accuracy - it's all risk mitigation not elimination. Coarse filters to reduce impact.
  14. I don't mean in terms of intensity of training, preparation or competition but in acceptance and response to the outcome. I'm not sure that we are good sports as a nation.
  15. It seems to me part of our national psyche (if there is such a thing) that we overly celebrate our successes and are extraordinarily harsh on our losses and failures. The celebration of our Rugby World cup victory seemed to me almost desperate in it's self congratulatory tone and our response to the reversal of fortunes seems to be to denigrate and devalue those self same players. There are lots of reasons for it possibly but I really do prefer a gentler approach to sport and it's ups and downs.
  16. From : chairman of ppa TO : CTCT Seeding Please promote mamil to 1B so he has a vague chance of wheelsucking his way to a sub 3 CTCT. Rgds
  17. Ja it's clear as mud. Not a cheap purchase either. But then again much cheaper than even a mild concussion.
  18. Mamil

    Durbie Dash 2021

    The Mtb is a proper tough ride and includes the climb from meerendal right to the top of the conties mast in the last 15km. Not much fun if you not fit.
  19. Do helmets have lifespans? All that UV from long summer rides - that time it got left in the car and was baked in for a whole afternoon - that time it got hung on the handlebars and clattered to the ground --- no visible damage or undue flex in it but it's the kind of thing that one doesn't want to have compromised on the day things go wrong. Is there testing data from the manufacturers on lifespan / compliance with standards after a period of use?
  20. Jeepers - can you still cross your fingers after that? I bet that was properly eina.
  21. I feel that if Jewbacca does 3:30 on a BMX that we should all donate something to a worthy cause - like maybe a proper bicycle so he can try win the event next year.
  22. I wasn't following cycling in the Armstrong era .... I try and imagine the feeling of finding that Roglic / Pogacar / van Aert et al are doping and it doesn't feel good - it would make it very difficult for me to continue enjoying the excitement of things like yesterday's TT.
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