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  1. Hi Hubbers, I need your expert opinion on the Thule G2 platform rack. They retail at about 7k for the 3 bike and that is a lot of cash for a bike rack and that is why I first want some feedback from anyone that currently owns one. I have looked at cheaper platform racks but the ease of loading the rack to the car on the Thule is a selling point to me at this stage. Also, I see the manual refer to when using carbon frames on the rack, that I need to contact the manufacturer of the frame first to see if the frame can be used on the rack? I am assuming this is just to safeguard Thule. Cant think that the clamps can cause damage? Or am I wrong? What do you guys think about the Thule platform racks? I only want to buy once therefore I like the quality of the Thule products. Any feedback would be great! Thanks Krynauw
  2. Anyone got any view on which of these is better and why? Why wouldnt I get the outride?
  3. I need to buy a 2 bike ride on and a roof rack for a kayak Which would be the best shop from a stock and pricing pov Bike shops wont have the roof racks for the kayak
  4. I just collected my number and went with my wallet, you know, just in case. I am super-disappointed at the "expo" part of it. Come on guys. MTBers spend loads of loot, so why is nobody there exhibiting and punting their wares? The guys who are there will probably do ok and make some cash: ASG Anatomic Prepsol (Bought a big bottle of bike wash) Thule Some gimmicky electro-massage thing (ok, maybe they won't make any cash) First Ascent selling 94.7 branded stuff Nakd Energy bars (yummy stuff) One or 2 other small okes who I can't remember cos they didn't interest me.... Where are the shops? Where are the importers? Where are the brands? I wanted to see some bike bling, some cool accessories or something interesting. Am I alone in thinking that there's a huge sales opportunity being missed here?
  5. Hi, Just bought this thule bike rack 591 from a fellow member. Now trying to figure out which roof rack (for a venter trailer) will work with this? Or do i have to go the thule route for this as well? thanks
  6. Ok, i am not normally one to bitch and moan. But today i went to Thule to fetch a fourth bike extender for my Thule carrier. I bought this carrier 6 months ago for over R7k. Thanks to some dipshit salesman that doesn't know his own products, i cannot fit the extender on this particular model carrier. apparently i needed to buy a R10,500 carrier to accept the R2,500 attachment. I need a four bike carrier. At the time of buying, the tit of a salesman advised that the carrier i bought was the perfect one. So, my only option is to try and sell me existing carrier and put the bucks towards the proper thing. For those that want to know, stupid salesman has since left Thule. I prefer using actual stores for advice and product knowledge of salespeople, but this is not cool. Anyone want to make an offer on my existing bike rack?
  7. Hey Guys I want to buy a bike rack and want to be able to tow a Jan Venter trailer while the rack is fitted to the car. I drive a Toyota Fortuner and ride a 29er MTB. I don't like the racks on the roof of the car or on top of the trailer, so I want the bike in between the car and the trailer. Is that even possible? I looked at the Thule platforms but all fits to the towbar. Im not sure if the station wagon boot mounted ones will fit on the Fortuner's rear door and whether it will fit between the car and the trailer. Please Help!!
  8. Anybody have a Menabo Winny 3? They seem to be priced well, but its about 4kg heavier than the Thule Euroride 3 bike. Its about 1200 bucks cheaper so it looks like a good deal. Anyone got some input?
  9. I recently bought a new car - upgraded from a polo vivo to polo 1.6. I have a Thule hang on bike rack. Question is will I be able to use it on my Polo 1.6 as this has a boot spoiler which the vivo did not have. I remember them asking me about the boot spoiler when I bought the rack originally and want to know if it makes a difference. will it damage my car if I use one not meant for a boot spoiler? I only use it to transport my mtb as my road bike fits easily into the car when I put the seats flat so it will be carrying some weight and on the odd occasion when I have to transport more than one bike. Any advise would be most welcome. tx
  10. So I bought a Thule EuroWay G2 923 from a Cyclelab (Authorised dealer) on Tuesday, had some problems with the rear lights, they did not work/match my car, so had the car toe point checked by Bosal (they fitted it) and confirmed it's all working fine/wired to SABS standards etc. Phoned a Thule dealer (Boksberg) on Friday morning, told since it was not bought from him, but Cyclelab (according to hime, Thule SA and Cyclelab both buy their stock from the same importer) I have to return to the bike shop, since this was electrical I though I'd rather have a Thule agent fix it than expect the Cyclelab to have to resolve the problem so went to another Thule dealer (Ceedar) this morning, again confirmed the problem, but got told they don't have stock, I then suggested we just swop out the light units/bar with another unit's that they have in stock, hmm, no go, no interest to help further, (at this point the techie helping me disappeared and maybe a manager returned with a phone to his ear, on the phone with Cyclelab) then got told I have to take the unit back to the Cyclelab, basically not their problem since it was not bought from them. I bought Thule for the name, for the backup/support. Epic failure. Ye I went to the bike shop, and the guys there went out of their way to resolve the problem, they also did not have the same unit, but they were happy to swop the lights out from a 921. Making me wonder if I will ever buy Thule again. G Update: See this post for details of the response from Thule SA in addressing this issue
  11. I am looking at buying a new bike rack as I still have the Thule Express, which causes quite a lot of damage to the bikes as they are so close together. I am looking at the following: https://www.buycycle.co.za/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=2446 Does anybody have any experience with these racks?
  12. Doing a tour to Zim next month and building a bike rack to go onto the back of a mates Landy. Will fit on behind the towbar, modifying an old attachment. Bought 4 Thule prorides off a hubber: Is the distance between the prorides = width of handlebar + a few cm? Need to fit on 4 racks (bikes). Any help gladly accepted.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm looking at buying a bicycle rack and came across the Sais Cycle Rack - Thelma 3. Anybody use one or know anyone who does? Are they decent and reliable? I had a thule express 2 bike but need a 3 bike ride on now. I had a look at Bicyclepower.co.za and they have it advertised for R2250, good price for a 3 bike rack from what ive seen. Any Comments?
  14. Looking at getting a roof rack for the bike at looking at these two. It seems the Free ride is half the price as the pro ride. What is the major difference between the two? It seems its just the clamping system. I thinking of rather getting 2 free rides instead of one pro ride. Any thoughts out there?
  15. Hi all, I have a Polo Hatch and before I buy a bike rack, I'd like to know from experienced bike rack owners which rack best suites the Polo Hatch. It will have to be something within my budget so I'm looking at getting the Thule Clip-On 9103. Reason being, it clips on and has no side straps which makes the car look much neater. Is this bike rack strong enough even though it does not have the side straps? Do you know where in Cape Town they have stock? How much are they? I appreciate your help in making me choose the right bike rack for me. Regards Lewy
  16. So decided to get one of these as my options where very limited. I drive a hatchback with no tow bar. Anyway bought it and had the guy fit it. Unfortunately I didn't have my bike with and was in bit of a rush. Got home, packed for holiday and now its time to put the bike on. Its the 3 bike rack, so I put the bike on the slot closest to the car, strap the 2 rubber straps over the cross bar of the bike, but now can't understand how I only have one auxiliary strap to secure the bike. With just that one strap the pedals and wheels where just too loose. Also the pedals were now able to scratch the car, so I placed it on the middle slot and got some old shoe laces to tie the wheels down. Is this how its supposed to be or am I missing something. Also just my luck, I get stopped in a roadblock... The Oriciferr tells me that my bike is blocking my number plate, he was kind enough to not give me a fine. But now I need an additional number plate, really? Any suggestions?
  17. Looking at getting a second hand one but am concerned as I have read there may be issues when fitting a small bike to the rack. Anyone here using one with a small bike frame (GT Avalanche 1 small)?
  18. I want to buy a bike rack (tow bar mount). I narrowed it down to either a Thule or Buzz. It will only have to carry 2 bikes but my friends suggested it is better to get a 3 bike carrier since 2 bikes fits bit tight on a 2 bike carrier. Which do you guys suggest (name and model) and where can i get them for the best price? Not keen to spend 7or 8K on a bike rack so keep that in mind. I am currently borrowing a friend's thule euroway and it is really cool to use. Also like that you buy it assembled Thanks in advance for the help!!!!! Enjoy holidays and drive safe people. Pls mind fellow cyclist
  19. HI JACK ON!! I'm curious about using this method, anybody have any advice? Would be much appreciated, and I do have Strides as another option but towbar route seems way cheaper as I already have a Buzzrack towbar rack.
  20. The RE:CM-FedGroup-Itec Connect duo beat nearest rivals Waylon Woolcock and Andrew Hill of TIB-RE:CM by a mere 17 seconds overall on a testing and muddy route that had to be hastily modified due to extreme weather conditions. The final stage of 56km from Emseni Cape near Spioenkop to Winterton came down to a sprint finish between the two top teams with Woolcock and Hill crossing the line first in 2:11:34 to take their second stage win in a row. Stewart and MacDonald, who took the leaders’ red jerseys after winning the opening stage by 20 seconds, crossed the line two seconds behind to secure overall victory in 7:42:08. Former Sharks centre Jeremy Thompson and team-mate David Leiman, riding under the Thule banner, finished third in 2:20:43 to secure the final podium position in 8:08:47. Stewart, who hails from Hilton, said it was fantastic to win his sponsor’s race, especially since it was Randburg-based MacDonald’s first outing at the event. “For us the most important thing was to get a feel for riding together.” After a more cautious start the previous day, the pressure was on from the beginning of the final stage with MacDonald setting the early tempo. The relentless pressure split the field as they ascended the first major climb with the top two teams going clear for the third successive day. “From then on it was just the four of us rolling together,” said MacDonald. “It was up to Waylon and Andrew to attack us if they wanted the overall win, so we were just content to sit on and conserve for the finish.” Although Woolcock and Hill applied pressure at every opportunity, they were unable to open a gap and had to settle for the stage win. “Neil and Brandon knew they had the overall win,” said Woolcock. “But it was nice to take two stages and second overall.” Mixed category winners Justin Porteous and Mariske Strauss (Cranked4Christ-JoJo) finished strong in 2:23:50 to secure seventh place overall in 8:27:40. Porteous expressed his delight at their comeback after battling illness and mechanical problems the previous day. “I don’t know what Mariske was eating, but she was a machine today – I just gritted my teeth and hung on. All in all, it was a great race.” Freedom Challenge winner Martin Dreyer and his wife Jeannie (USN-Hi-Tec) followed them home in 2:26:25 for second on the day and third in the category in 8:45:41. Brad Stroberg and Bridgette Stewart (FedGroup-Itec Connect) were third on the stage in 2:29:39, but finished a minute clear of the Dreyers overall to secure the runner-up spot. In the women’s race, defending champions Sarah van Heerden and Brenda Potts (Jeep-Enviroshore) added a third uncontested victory to their names when they took stage honours in 2:40:30 for a combined time of 9:14:44. “We never stopped pushing even though we had a 19-minute overnight lead,” said Potts. “Because that time disappears quickly if you run into trouble.” Jackie Moore and Janine King (Salomon-Krawlys) came home in 2:47:26 to finish second women’s team in 9:40:24, with privateers Joyce Benade and Desiree Briedenhann finishing in 3:02:35 for a combined time of 10:57:31 and third in the category. Local trail runner Tracy Zunckel was the last athlete home. She completed the final stage on foot to raise funds for repairing the boundary fence of nearby Spioenkop Game Reserve, which is home to 28 rhino. Go to www.bergandbush.co.za, www.facebook.com/bergandbush or @bergandbush for more information. Brandon Stewart (left) and Neil MacDonald of RE:CM-FedGroup Itec Connect celebrate their victory in the three-day FedGroup Berg & Bush mountain bike that finished in Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal, on Sunday. Photo: Coetzee Gouws/Fullstop Mariske Strauss (left) and Justin Porteous of Cranked4Christ-JoJo claimed overall honours in the mixed category at the three-day FedGroup Berg & Bush mountain bike race, which finished at the Winterton Country Club in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday. Photo: Coetzee Gouws/Fullstop Mariske Strauss (left) and Justin Porteous of Cranked4Christ-JoJo claimed overall honours in the mixed category at the three-day FedGroup Berg & Bush mountain bike race, which finished at the Winterton Country Club in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday. Photo: Coetzee Gouws/Fullstop Click here to view the article
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