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Hi all - I want to share my experience with the cycling community after I was bikejacked at Irene. A Week before the Sani2C my friends and I were bikejacked by 5 thugs armed with pangas and knifes. Apart from the trauma experienced by myself due to being seperated from the group and dragged into the veld, I also suffered a huge financial loss. That night I could not get my head around how I will still be able to do the race. I decided to "go big or go home". I got up at 12 o'clock that night and emailed Glen Haw(Organizer of Sani2C). Thought it might be the best source to contact at the time. I really did not expect anything. That Monday when business hours started - the first call I got was from Willie of KTM (after being contacted by Glen Haw) and he informed me that there is a demo bike waiting for me at Centurion Cyclelab. I could not believe it! Arriving at Cyclelab they treated me with the utmost professionalism. The setup of the bike was done - which took more than two and a half hours by the way (FREE OF CHARGE). To make a long story short - I did the Sani2c on a KTM Myroon. The bike handled BEAUTIFULLY! I did the climbing and single track with the greatest ease.

These actions from people of the cycling community restored my trust in our country and its people. I'm sure you're wondering how this story ended. Yes, I am a proud owner of the KTM which was offered to me at a much reduced price!


Thank you Glen Haw, Willie (KTM), David Labuschagne and crew at Cyclelab!

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That's really a great ending to a horrible story... :eek: :eek:


Whereabouts in irene did this happen? I live (and ride) around there so I would like to avoid the spot if its possible. I know some guys got bikejacked at Smutskop near the Village Market in the vicinity of the Eskom station a year ago and stabbed in the process. :nuke:


Seems like you can only go out if you're locked & loaded these days...

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It seems that bike jacking is big business.

My GIANT Anthem X1 was stolen along with my buddy's MERIDA, and cell phone and camelback etc.

The strange thing is that his cell phone contacts link to his office server.

the server uploads contacts automatically. The names which appeared from his stolen phone were names similar to Wasim, Afzal, Shafiek and sounded eastern. We are of the opinion there is a bike jacking ring who are stealing bikes from specific spots and shipping them overseas.

I am about to be paid out for my bike and will replace it, but that is one aspect. The main reason for posting is to say look out for any ads by those who do not seem as if they are cyclists, selling top bikes.

They might have mine or yours or someone else's which you are buying. Also check the serial number and go to NBRZA.co.za to see if it is registered before buying a second hand bike!

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Also check the serial number and go to NBRZA.co.za to see if it is registered before buying a second hand bike!

There should be a sticky for this site. Just had a look now and if advertised properly, could help curb this a bit. Interesting to not all the bikes on there are from Erasmia. Who do they sell the Raleighs to though? :rolleyes:

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