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How to protech carbon frame from a chain


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I have seen some carbon bikes with a thing that fits over that carbon arms so when your chain do jump off it doesn't cutt into the arms

The ones I saw was aliminuim-i think

Will the normal chain protector work or is this better

Can you please tell me to get it

Website links will be great if you have some

This will be for a scott scale pro 29 er


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Just cut an old tyre lengthwise and wrap it tightly around. Finish off with insulation tape...


Fark, that's going to add quite a bit of weight to the frame.


I'm sure an old tube should be lighter and give an equal amount of protection. ;)

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You can buy those neopreen (I think that is how it is spelt) chainstay protectors that fit arround the chainstay and attach with velcro.


Another option is that clear plactic film that they apply to the bonnets of cars. I phoned a place and they offered to give me some of their offcuts, but i never went to collect.

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My Niner Air Carbon frame came with 2 titanium "patches" which are stuck to the frame just below the front derailleur to protect the frame where the chain rings sit. The slapsox made of neoprene are lighter than a tube.

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C'Dale make an awesome alu one but i'm sure its specific to C'Dales save techno shaped stays.

I just use a slapsock, easy.

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