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Mtb rider dies after being impaled by bike in Witfontein George


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Read about it this morning, 15yr old cyclist died after massive blood loss after some part of his bike impaled him in the leg and cut an artery, not sure what a "ratwisselaar" is but that's what got him.


Rip poor chap, condolences to the family.


"Fifteen-year-old Francois Lamprecht, a learner of PW Botha College, died last week Wednesday after he fell with his mountain bike near Witfontein. He lost a lot of blood after the main artery in his groin was severed in the fall."


Full article here:



Anyone know what happened?

Seems like a freak accident, something that could happen to any of us, scary stuff. Appears he was alone(article seemed to imply his friend ran away after the accident?) and could only sms before losing conciousness and then was found by a passer-by but neither my Afrikaans or google translate is too hot.

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oh no..


Could be the shifter if it was an artery in his leg.. Happened to me once, the force from my leg broke the shifter. Luckily I was not cut.


Shame, sad story ./

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Guest Frail4Life

Very tragic.

May the youngster Rip and Condolences to the family.

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Femoral artery, if it is severed high in the thigh, there is virtually nothing that you can do to stop the bleeding. Very sad.

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Guest Latent Blue

This is so sad!

Kids do drugs, go to iffy parties do stupid stuff and nothing happens. This kid is just loving be a cyclist (dont think one can judge him for sneaking out) and this happens.

Seems unfair.


Condolences to the family

RIP fellow cyclist

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