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Cradle Parking, Rhino and Lion PArk


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Does anyone know if you can park at the Rhino and Lion park?

Don't really feel like going through the pain of now paying at Riverstone.

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Something Country? Its free - park inside or outside. Nice food afterwards :-)

+1, been parking there for years.

The service isn't always the best, but the food is generally pretty good :thumbup:

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Is R10 a time really going to kill any one???

Would you rather drive further to find free parking and use the R10 "saved" in fuel cost???

It is a privelage to park on private property - a small fee is nothing to pay for piece of mind!!


Agreed - think their timing just before 94.7 was poor.


A lot of people park @ Riverstone, i'll be taking a parking card, getting the R100 back to use in any of their stores/vendors is great, it costs you nothing really and i live about 5km away :blink:


Something Country you need to mission on the sand with road cleats, not so kewl but bearable. I have the issue that there's so many people riding/walking there it's an accident waiting to happen.


Never parked at any other venues but there's lots in the Cradle, it's a matter of choice.

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Park for free at Broadacres. Then you also get the best climb in the area for free.

What this guy said :thumbup:

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We generally park right on the road at something country - so no problem with sand etc. The kitchen isn't huge so eating can take a while - but we don't often eat anyway.


One thing I did notice though - last Sunday there were a couple of guys in a golf sitting watching us when we finished our ride and packed up the bikes. they may have been cyclists - in which case no worries. I'd hate to find out they were scoping out the place . . . :-(

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