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  1. Going to be a very interesting Euros... lots of good teams, pretty wide open in my books. A lot will depend on which team gels during these few weeks. Looking forward to what I am sure will be some cracking games. France vs Germany already in the first round! Bring it on
  2. I'll definitely tune in for this! Magical man
  3. Strongs to you Cois! We're all rooting for you! Hope it's nothing too major - keep us in the loop!
  4. From the look of things, I am just shifting fat at the moment - certainly no obvious sign of muscle loss or drop-off in physical performance. My little bit of reading on this also suggests as much. I guess it will become a bit of a balancing act when I up the training, but I'm pretty confident I will get it right. I will not be shy to eat properly post exercise to ensure my recovery - or even during exercise to make sure I am getting in a good session. I will probably just manage the training times to fit my fasting where I can. But weekends which are my main training times in general... I'm not strict on my fast at all. I think that is another thing I enjoy about this - I eat without feeling guilty... even if sometimes I get it a bit wrong, or have a few too many pizzas in a week - the few bad days are far outnumbered by the good days and offset them quite easily, keeping that downward trend going. Honestly, this past weekend was a proper test on how far I could push beating my midweek losses - I had three birthday parties, had a good time, had beers, pizza, ate cake etc By Tues I was already back down lower than what I weighed on Friday.
  5. I'm not training much, mainly just focused on the weight loss for now... Activity wise, mainly just 1.5hours of squash on a Friday and then the odd run on weekends where I don't follow OMAD strictly at all - all depends on what I am up to with the kids etc But certainly a lot busier on weekends than during the week where I am at my desk 90% of the time. The Friday squash works out quite fine, even if I have been fasting for nearly 20 hours by then... I have moments when I'm a bit pap, depending on how hard the game is, but generally I can hold a solid energy level. I do though eat something for recovery as soon as I get home after... I will likely do much of my training in the evenings (which during the week is what I normally do anyway) as I've found my recovery is severely compromised if I don't eat after exercising in a fasted state. I did a long midday run fasted on a public holiday, didn't take anything after and held my fast til dinner time, and despite cruising the run comfortably... my muscles took a good three days to come right. It was very obviously noticeable that it wasn't a good idea for heading forward. So I will break my fast post exercise when required. I also ran Oxpecker with my wife a couple weekends back, ate my three meals a day, felt great, cruised through the weekend and slotted straight back into OMAD on the Monday - no real setback all. This is one of the reasons I am really loving it. It's robust. I have thought about how it might work training in the morning, and I might well in that case make breakfast my meal for the day, but how well that might work, I am not sure...
  6. I'll be under 90kgs in the next few days... still enjoying the OMAD, and probably more than anything, the fact that it's easy to jump in and out of as required or life dictates... weekends I'm generally only skipping breakfast. Week days I generally hold it well and only eat dinner... 8kgs off in just over two months since I switched to OMAD... 5kgs to go to my goal weight Winter generally not the best time for weight loss, but I'm focused to getting this over the line asap
  7. Just a small follow up... Got a call from Ricky last week and everything is going really well with the Nyathi clan. Ricky is loving his bike and putting in many good miles - even riding socially when he can. Queen has also found work, so things certainly on the up for them. They've been really busy, but just wanted tore-iterate their thanks to us all. Was really great to hear from them I must say. We did a really good thing here as a community - real change, for real people, in the most challenging of times.
  8. Not sure I'd steak my life on that...
  9. Totally believable... these things happen. Don't forget this gem from the father of one of our current superstars... ADRI VAN DER POEL'S PIGEON PIE Strychnine is a substance better known as a rodent poison, but in small doses has the effect of helping tired leg muscles. Dutch pro Adri van der Poel tested positive for it in 1983 and blamed the result on eating a pigeon pie made with his father-in-law's racing pigeons which had been doped with the substance.
  10. Where the City fans? I'm not one, but even I'm seriously confused/pissed how that penalty was not given in the Chelsea game? If you're a defender and you are wrong side of the striker and you run into the back of his legs... it's a penalty. Stone cold, 110%, every time. But even the VAR did nothing to rectify it?! And you could see it completely rattled the City side and of course Chelsea bundled in a last minute winner. How things like this can still happen with VAR is a complete joke... I'm all for innovation, but when the wheels come off like that, there needs to be some serious questions asked. You'd swear Alex Ferguson was the VAR... Also hope for Aguero's sake that is not his last game for City. Would be a tragedy for that to be his parting shot... Spurs still suck - we had no fight against Leeds, it was sad to watch. At least now we can't paper over the cracks of the obvious rebuild needed with a few good displays. Sadly think Kane may have had enough too... the Glazers will need to get a lot more than $90mill out their piggy banks though. Harry is irreplaceable, no matter how much money. But I can't even blame him
  11. It really is hard to counter the old counter argument...
  12. Nothing negative about your post... was more aimed at the ones before you, and even then, not in anything resembling a serious manner. As per Bundu Rick, it's basically a matter of cutting yourself down to one meal/feasting period a day. I only eat in the evenings, making sure it's proper food with a nice balance of nutrients. So basically from when I wake up in the morning until I get home from work, there is nothing effecting my sugar levels in anyway during the day. You sit at a nice constant energy level and don't suffer highs and lows like normal. It's great to find something that works for me. Anyone with a desk job should honestly look at is as an option... the weight loss is great, but really only just a part of the upside
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