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  1. I'll save you some searching... got 10:40 last year. Things went about as well as they could have - got lucky I guess. I obviously did some things right though. Sounds like you're well prepped and your athletic history and probably most importantly, your mental strength will serve you very well on the day. Sub 10 also a great choice to target for your first year... You're gonna love it, such a cool day... just enjoy the s#1t out of it, the first ones so special. Being healthy, well rested and having a full tank (mentally and physically) is way more important for race day than a few more kays in the legs
  2. Haha... I'm glad I inspire at least one person to do something on the edge of their comfort zone. Last year was probably taking it a bit too far, definitely could have gone wrong, and probably only got away with it because it was a down... Still a firm believer in, quality over quantity - don't have to run your body into the ground as prep PS: This is obviously just coming from my view and my modest goals. The race snakes are a whole other bunch and mentality
  3. I'm on Asics, Gel Nimbus... have pretty wide feet and they've always served me well, and the new 25's have extra cushioning. They ain't cheap, but the physio isn't either... and I went through about R8k on others shoes trying to find something a bit cheaper that worked for me, but had no luck. Keep an eye on Poobie Naidoos for specials, their standard pricing is almost other peoples 'special price', but they drop quite a bit more as the new versions are always launched.
  4. I'd take 40% for sure on the start line Also had a bit of a bug, seems to have largely cleared though, but I'm still carrying a pharmacy around with me... guess I will be going in well rested as usual. Not got to the 600km I planned, but more than the 320km of last year at least. Been a while since an Up Run, hope I can make it all work!
  5. Well, if you can't beat Southampton, then are you really even a manager... (grabs coat)
  6. I always do wonder why there is this massive resentment towards the road running scene from Trail runners... I do both, enjoy both and am equally useless at both, but I clearly missed the secret handshake or blood oath somewhere along the line. Yes ASA are pretty useless, as per pretty much all government linked entities, but a license for the year is small fry (R120) in the grand scheme of things and we've got the most incredible and well supported calendar and some truly world class events. Clubs organize races, keeping entry costs lower, giving everyone access to safe, supported runs - then those race fees build the clubs up, allowing them to support their more talented runners, creating a strong local running scene and a wonderful diverse and inclusive running culture. And where road running is a million miles ahead of trail, is exactly in this regard... diversity and inclusivity. If there is any sport that needs to take a good long look at itself, it's trail running. The entry fees are out of hand and the diversity about on par with Orania. And Kaapsehoep, I am guessing you haven't run it... but it sucks as a run for most normal folk. Running downhill for hours becomes highly unpleasant, which funnily enough makes it a pretty darn good qualifier especially on years such as this one. Apologies for the thread hijack everyone else
  7. Jeepers dude, that is seriously hectic... terrible bloody thing meningitis, had a friend lose a child to it overnight. Glad you made it and are on the mend - a lesser person may well not have. I'm sure I join everyone on here in wishing you a full recovery - always enjoyed your crazy antics and views.
  8. I agree with much of what you say... but I also think you're so not average that it shifts the goal posts quite a bit! A 90kg unit that can run a 37minute 10km is not remotely average in my books. That's a proper athlete, and if he was better built for running and something in line with 75/80kg's, he'd be shaving off a good few more minutes no doubt. You and Ferret running Comrades again? Sorry I've been a bit out of the loop
  9. Definitely - I've said it before, I believe anyone can run Comrades, and I absolutely mean everyone. To run 3:40/km for 10km requires an engine that many people don't have I'm pretty sure... I'd guess not even half of the population could reach that level due to physical limitations. You can of course work on improving all the different metrics, but some people just aren't athletes - never were, never will be. I do find all the views interesting though... especially from the guys at the sharp end who I think maybe are so far down the road they don't know what average looks like anymore As an interesting anecdote... I remember a friend of mine struggling his way to Comrades and bitching to his trainer about how his fitness just wasn't where he wanted it, and his trainer reminded him that even though he's had a poor training build up, he's easily going to finish Comrades and that put's him likely well within the the 1% fittest people in the world. The bar for average these days is so low sadly... I think the average person can't run 3km full stop, probably has a body fat% in the mid to high 20's and a resting heart rate of nearly 70 In Comrades metrics, I reckon a Bill Rowan anyone can achieve if they really put in the hard yards - a silver is another whole chestnut in my books.
  10. Battle for 4th shaping up very nicely... going to be a cracker of a North London Derby Spurs really need to do everything possible to keep Conte Kane in absolutely ridiculous form so far this year, even if he doesn't score, his passing has gone next level. And really would love Eriksen back at Spurs next year - was always a great player and exactly the sort of creative player we need for when teams park the bus
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