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Rotor 'Thickness'


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Hi all,


I bought a set of Avid Elixir 5 Brakes (excl. rotors and mounts), I previously had a set of cheap Shimano's. I already levered the pads open, seems that the rotors are too thick. The following is indicated on the rotor: '160mm 1.6mm THK'


Therefore I presume that there is a slimmer rotor in existence. Or is it just that Shimano rotors don't go with Avid brakes and vica versa? Will buying avid rotors resolve my dilemma?


Please advise.



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i think that's the minimum rotor thickness for that shimano blade. Shimano nominal rotor thicknesses are quoted as 2.0 - 1.8mm, with a 0.2mm acceptable wear, which makes the minimum 1.8mm - 0.2mm = 1.6mm.


I could be wrong as i dont know which model rotor that is. There is a variance amongst the various models. But i honestly think you can use any rotor with any brake in terms of thickness, but the caliper height adjustment must be sufficient to accomodate the rotor.


are you sure you've squeezed those pistons in properly? they tend to pop out just enough to stop the rotor from fitting.

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Currently it slides over the rotor with a bit of effort but with zero allowance for wheel rotation. I will try and get the pistons in further. But I hope you are right when saying that rotors should be universal. Will save a lot of trouble.

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You might try opening the bleeding nipple a bit to push out a bit of oil with the brake lever. Do not release the lever before closing the bleeding nipple otherwise it will suck in air. Has worked for me when new pads were too tight on rotor...

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Avid seems to be a tight fit most of the time. Serviced a friend's bike over the weekend. The brakes were rubbing, so I checked them. The pistons were pushed all the way back and it had original pads and rotors.

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