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Flat pedal advice


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I have a set of these. They are awesome!! Great quality, as you would expect from a shimano pedal.


The pins have spacers in when you get them, I removed them straight away, so the pins are at maximum length.


I use them with Five Ten Freerider VXI shoes, which I believe plays a big role in my positive review of these pedals.

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i ahve the mx80 s !! they are heavier than the more expensive flats out there but are perfectly good !


I paid R590 I think on buycycle.co.za about 6 months ago, the pins do shred shoes a bit as they are a bit finer than what ive seen from other flats and them having thread on cuts into the rubber,


shoes are the other half to the full picture though....... I have the shimano AM41's which are AWESOME


if you have a grand or more to spend on just flats then follow Capricorn or otherwise you will be just fine on the mx80's , oh and they are fricken bullet proof! don't worry about using the spacers that come with the pins...

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Ok lets start... As they said shoe and pedal combo is extremely important on flats!!! The Saint pedals are pretty good, I prefer nukeproof tho. In terms of shoes Five Ten is about the best money can buy but way to pricey!! I use Adidas or Element Hi8's.


Oh and the Crankbrother pedals grip nicely but if you plan on doing anything big the bearings k@k out quick!

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Had a look at those Saints a while back at a LBS, they look awesome and are quite little. On my wish list for one day, just out my budget for now.

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Bought a light pair on Hi-tecs with Vibram soles and they stick like crazy to my flats. Really happy with them R699 from Cape union mart, though they do have neon yellow which aren't foreveryone. Shimano flat shoes also use Vibram.

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On special today at crc , five ten vxi ,45% off.

Bought a pair two months ago for a lot more and they are awesome.


your bad news !! I almost clicked the add to basket button!!! :cursing:



but my wife would really seriously kill me with my super awesome kitchen knife once she found out, dropping 25k on a bike this month.......

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