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You are still a junior this year, works on your age at the beginning of the year

It's the age of the participant as of the 31st of December of that current year according to the csa website. So my age as of the 31st do December 2014

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You okez reckon a 36t front with a 11-36t rear will be enough gearing?


Not unless you're a serious athlete. 34t is the sensible option on that course


(Still can't figure out this 1x11 logic - give up range and have to consider which size chainring to ride when a 2x10 gives you all the range you need at a weight penalty that is irrelevant to 99.9% of riders).

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Hey guys good luck for the weekend.

Just want to let you know regarding the age for categories.

Yes the entry system with entelect uses the age you are at the beginning of the year... unfortunately it's wrong! but they can't change it as it's been hard coded apparently.


We use the age you are on the year of the event on the 31st of Dec as per Cycling SA & UCi guidelines. (one reason why timing was mixed up at Dullstroom)


We moving yet again to (hopefully) the last online entry system for Clarens's entries from end of February.


Hang in there, it's been a "deurmekaar" start to the year soon all these gremlins will be over and we can all focus again on just riding our bikes!


Spoke to Brett & Dennis this morning who own the Sabie Classic event and they reckon yes it's wet... but it's far from muddy. (let's hope it holds - will have feedback when we're there tomorrow morning)


Thanks for clearing that up, do you know if it would be possible for me to change from the half marathon to marathon at registration? As in to by pass the online system?


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Is it only me, or are the Highlights Packages of the MTN Races really really bad. Watch the Dullstroom race last night and was shocked.

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Joh, I'm bummed about the weather forecast. Was hoping for a nice, fast ride with good times in the ST.

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