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Why so un-original?


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One thing that is really starting to work on my ......muscles is how un-original the race names has become.


First it's the Giro this or Tour de that. We are not in Europe, get an english name for Pete's sake. And secondly is the new series of Something-2-Something names. It started of with the Grace 2 grace which was actually from the Grace hotel in Sandton to the Grace spa in Magaliesburg and the Hyper-to-Hyper from one hyper to another. But now you get the Dome-2-Dome, Monument-2-Monument, Campus-2-Campus (okay that is also a different start then the finish) and quite a few others.


Can't these people be original with their selection of names?
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Honestly' date=' I am not a fan of those names...what would you re-dub the Giro del Capo as, were we permitted? [/quote']


'Peninsula Epic' 'Cape Challenge' 'Peak2Peak' etc ......... that's an easy one.



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Heres an idea

In the frence area its tours, Italy its giros, in spain its vueltas, in belgiums its rondes, so why not have an african word. Might attacted some more sponsors. 
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Mampara U must understand the thinking behind this countries "Powers that be"......they re-name streets/Airports/Suburbs and the list is endless...then comes the "we want to be like the first world countries" where we adopt standards/codes and processes But can they do it?? are they capable? me thinks not.....for e.g...Survivor SA, Weakest link, Who wants to be a millionnairre???? Originality ??? who are they kidding??


Need I say more ???


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Any trip in Africa is known as a SAFARI or a TREK.  You know, "Die Groot Trek" Die Dorseland Trek", or if you are imaginative you could try Oorlog, Genocide, or humanitarian disaster, like the Rwandan Genocide, THe Eerste, Tweede and Derde Bevrydings Oorloe, the humanitarian disaster of Darfur, Ethiopia, ext.  Mass migrations, internally displaced persons (IDP's) ext are other possibilities. 

Personally, I would stick with SAFARI or TREK though.


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how's about:



"The ...................................... cycleventrek"


 That would be 'an amazing race.'





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