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So is anybody else using a calorie app to monitor their food intake vs energy expenditure.


I started to use one from last week and was just wondering if anybody else was also using and any thoughts etc. The one I am currently using is the MyNetdiary. It works pretty well apart from foods that is not listed in South Africa.

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I've been using FatSecret for a few weeks now.  South African app which has most of the local food listed.

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OK I have checked out the apps.

myfitnespall is full of adds. uninstalled it.

Fatsecret is great. visuelly not so great but works.

Mynetdiary - to much of a mission to add your food, No food from SA. App looks great with great widgets.


So I am going to use fatsecret from now. It is great to see how much you eat with hidden sugars etc etc. helps to finetune your meals.

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only thing that sucks about fat secret is it's not (or was not) that great at setting macro and micro nutrient goals and limits, you sortoff have to wing it and keep an eye on it yourself. Well in the free version atleast. Thats probably the function i use the most in MFP and is a must if you have certain goals like Low carb high fat etc etc

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