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Linkage forks


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So, lately I've become somewhat obsessed with linkage forks. Besides being ugly (except for dave weagle's the message) I really like what they are trying to do.

For starters they can adjust the kinematics and axle paths to ameliorate brake dive. Increased small bump sensitive by using leverage ratios to overcome the telescopic fork 1:1 travel stiction. Some use carbon/fibreglass leaf springs to eliminate even more stiction. Low unsprung mass. Less maintenance. No binding under front brake. Maintained wheelbase and geometry under compression.

Motions E18 is a piece of engineering porn in its own right. They unfortunately lost me at "maintenance free" composite bushings. The South African dust creeps into everything.

Adroit has nice looking forks on their site. Not a lot of info but the bike rumour article seems promising. They use normal rear shocks for the spring/damper and serviceable bushings/bearings. They lost me at the pseudo lefty 15mm TA they suggested though.

The message(fork) is amazing. Just that price tag.

Do you guys think these forks will creep into the mainstream limelight or die the hunchback death that they've been perpetually doing the moment they rear their scoliotic physiques?

Please share any cool linkage forks.





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At the price and questionable performance I doubt they'll compete with telescope forks soon.


Especially with







Biting at the heels of rockshox and fox

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Lauf is non-telescopic.  It could also move with a different axle path if the springs aren't parallel to the head-angle.  And it's low maintenance and no stiction.


It's not strictly a linkage fork since there's no actual linkage.


It's got reasonable success in short travel applications.

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I tend to agree with @BaGearA but I'm intrigued to find out how they ride.


Initial reviews of The Message sounds quite positive although I don't know how they cover such a wide range of travels, they claim to fit both 29/27.5"+ (110-150 mm) and 27.5" (130-150 mm) bikes with a 535 mm axle-to-crown length. A 140 mm Pike for 29" wheels has a  551 mm axle-to-crown length so I would assume fitting a fork like The Message steepens the head angle. Unless the axle-to-crown length can be adjusted with spacers.


Only time will tell if these forks make it mainstream but I think we will still have telescopic forks around for some time to come. 

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the big blocker to the linkage forks is public perception.


telescopic forks look familiar and therefore must be OK.

Linkage forks look weird, heavy,  complicated and expensive. And they are expensive, heavy and complex. More moving parts.


The Look Fournales was just not stiff enough but that's what happens when you try to hold two long carbon legs together with a 9mm QR axle. A modern updated version would solve this.


The Message is production ready but at the cost of a whole new bike its just not going to become mainstream soon unless they can find a way to make it cheaper.

So the most promising design is probably going to be a hybrid of the Fournales/Message designs

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I thing the adroit fork build style with serviceable bearings and mainstream shock onto a platform like the motion e18 would prolly perform/last the best.

Still ugly.

If Sam Hill wins the ews next year on a linkage fork, that'll be something.

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