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Noordhoek(Surrounding Areas) Dirt jumps/Trials


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Hey everyone, 


People know if there any Dirt jumps/Trials in Noordhoek or has/or know if land where one could possibly build some? 



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As you go up chappies from noordhoek there's a few jumps in the pines on the left after Jake's. There's also blackhill but don't go alone and unarmed.


There's also a skatepark being built in HB at the soccer club.

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Thanks! ive seen those jumps under the pines and they've been quite neglected , do you know if it private or its okay to fix them up etc?

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The line at chappies hasn't had any attention in years! potentially its a cool spot, but super sandy so you'll need loads of water and patience to build anything that lasts! Good luck 

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Hey thanks!, yeah I checked it out yesterday actually, yeah really does have potential.

Gonna wait for some rain to hit it and maybe give it some TLC.

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Gonna be digging/ maintaining the jump by Chapmans on Sunday if anyone is keen :P


Do you know much about jump building ???

Maintenance is fine.


Fine line between building a safe jump and a dangerous one.


There also a an accepted agreement that you don't mess with someone's jumps.

Best would be to find who built them in the 1st place.


That said there is plenty of potential there and room for expansion.


Sign up for Tokai build days - plenty to be learnt and gained

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Hey, thanks!


Yeah I do know a bit of building, Just planning on cleaning the lines and fixing the lips and landings etc.

Nothing drastic of course.


Yeah I tried getting that information in the beginning of this topic about who owns them? , IT seems its been neglected for a few years? 

Not too sure who else to ask?

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