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what trick bike?


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So I am keen to get a trick bike. I live close to a skatepark with verts that I have messed around on with a mountain bike when its empty and I really enjoy it.


Most of my experience is limited to a skateboard on verts. I can do moderate tricks comfortably on the verts (tail stall, 50-50 etc), if that matters.


What bike should be my first?


Where can I get one in Durban?


I'm 80kg, 1.8m tall if that helps.




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Im pretty sure most if not all guys riding bikes on vert are on a bmx.

Not sure what the status of bmx in SA is but Im sure its not the easiest bike to come by.

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Hey man, second hand bmx bikes are quite easy to come by on gumtree etc, I’d say between 2-5k, there is quite a big bmx culture at Durban beach skatepark, a lot of guys riding Fit bikes, you can also try bmx direct.net for all your parts and complete bikes, local company I think

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There are plenty of BMXs around Durban. Cash convertors always have a couple. I've had a couple before for the beachfront, tempted to get another. 

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I saw a Specialized BMX for sale on bike hub from BikeMarket. There is even a heading 'BMX' in the classifieds too.


I would get a trials bike or urban DJ bike. There is an awesome looking seated trials bike in the 'dirt jump' section of the MTB classifieds but it's a bit out of my price range.


Good luck!

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