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Freebody issues


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I have noticed that my freehub is a bit slow/sticky. The cassette is tight and does not spin very freely when the wheel is on the bike.


Took the rear wheel off - Cassette spins properly.


If I hold down the spindle? (that thingi that the thru axel fits into) and spin the cassette, it's sticky and doesn't spin freely.


Do I need to open and clean it out / replace bearings or replace the freebody ?



Also - Any tips on removing the cassette? It is really really really tight. Feels like Thor tightened it. I don't seem to be able to make it budge with a chain whip and cassette tool. 

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Is it a DT Swiss hub?  Sounds like you've got a worn / damaged spacer which is binding on the freebody when the skewer is tightened up.  


Thanks, so try get the cassette off with force and look for the spacer ?


It's the standard hub. This is all i can get from the website (Specialized, sealed cartridge bearings, 12x148mm thru-axle, 32h)

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Used the seatpost as leverage and got the cassette out. 
freebody seems fine. Now this bike comes standard with an 11spd cassette and there’s a 12spd on here. Pg1230. 
The cassette was/ is eating into the spokes
am I missing a spacer between the freebody and cassette it does the freebody need to shift a bit more out?
and while everything is out, I should replace the spokes right?

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okay sorted.


New hub bearings and replaced the free body bearings while I was at it.


The other problem was that the chain stay protector which is made from some rubber stuff, was rubbing into the cassette. Sanded the rubber down and it’s as good again.



I guess that’s the price you pay for buying a 2nd hand bike that was advertised “as good as new” ????

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Bike shop that replaced the bearings said the same. That it was caused by the chain falling between the cassette and spokes.


This was my first 2nd hand bike and being a 2019 model, I thought I was getting a good deal and that there shouldn’t be anything wrong. Was told that it was just serviced. but seeing all the issues I’ve picked up so far, I doubt I’d buy 2nd hand again.

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Recently serviced often means “I have found someone willing to support my lies”



Lesson learnt. School fees paid. After front and rear shock service, sealant top up and bearings, I am 1K short from the new price  :mellow:

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