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Huawei Router


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Havent used the Router for a year or so.


Got a new sim card and trying to setup the router.


Connected phone to router, logged into




Logs in no issues.

3rd step is to change password.


so enter current password:admin and enter new passwords.


Keeps on saying old password is incorrect!!!!  :cursing:


Tried to reset router but does the same.

Only solution I can find now is doing a 30 30 30 reset...


Any other ideas?

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I have a 'new' Huawei B315 that came with my LTE package with the same fate - did a factory settings reset., login admin pw admin and you can't get past the next screen when it comes to change the pw on the setup wizard which you can't exit from. I have not pursued it but as we engineers say... where there is a problem, there is a solution, although this one seems elusive, some silly software / firmware issue. Besides I am using a B618 which is totally awesome.


The router was not new when it was supplied by Web Africa, it had grubby paw marks all over it, I can only assume some foobar techie tried to flash it with new firmware or something and did not check their work (who does nowadaze anyway)

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Mine has 2 passwords. The admin admin one is only for when I am logging in on my pc. When I am connecting my phone to the wi-fi it is some long password that I think was on the box or the back of the router.



When I connect the phone to the WiFi I use the long password.


Need to do the initial router setup then and thats where the k@K starts

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