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Anyone used My E-Training


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Recently got the Elite Suito direct drive trainer, very happy so far.


It came with a year subscription for their My E-Training app, which is pretty basic. Anyone managed to get decent use out of it? Strangely thing for me is that it has some fitness test that seems heart rate based, and it creates a program for you from that. Why build power-based trainers and then supply HR-based training?

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I used it for about half an hour. TOTAL TOTAL SHITE!


There are various other apps that are far better and will provide you with a much better experience IMO.


I ended up on Rouvy because I enjoy the POV type stuff and Zwift doesn't work on my Android device.

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Rouvy looks good, family subs is a great idea because we have 3 riders, will give it a try thanks

Oh ja. Rouvy gives you 3 logins.


It's also got workouts but there aren't pre defined training programs like you get in zwift. Well not as far as I can tell. The POV stuff that i've done on it felt pretty spot on ito difficulty compared to the real life versions of the roads. There's also racing where you can virtual race someone but I just go on there to get inspiration for what routes to ride.


There's also RGT which is free at the moment. Bkool looked awesome. it sort of mixes POV stuff with the cartoon type aspects of Zwift. 


Also Fulgaz.


I ended up on Rouvy coz none of the other apps wanted to run on my android media box but i'm fine with that. It works great for me. The primary goal of these immersive training apps is to keep you from blowing your brains out whilst training indoors so whatever flavour works for you go with it.

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