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Forerunner 945 - BT earphones


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Hi there Hubbers!


First thread for 2020. Didn't reach top 10 for 2019 like I did in 2018, need to get back up there!!  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:


To those who own the FR945, or even any Garmin that has the Music capability - do you also face the issue that once you "activate" the music (holding bottom left button) and it searches for your BT earphones/headset, that if said earphones/headset isn't already turned on, and you turn it while the watches is searching, it refuses to connect? Then you have to "forget" the earphones, re-search (where it promptly finds it again)? 


I always forget to turn the earphones on before activating the music, perhaps for my own sanity I should start doing that.


Also, does anyone know how often the music provider has to sync over Wifi? One a week, fortnightly? I have a premium Deezer account, so not using some cracked website.





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I've never had to "forget" the earphones to get it to connect again, usually disabling and enabling them again works for me. That said I'm usually pretty good at turning the earphones on before trying to play the music.


I find that my watch basically tries to sync the music whenever I put it on charge and it has a wifi connection (with Spotify) granted I am using some of the "default" Spotify playlists which seem to change on a regular basis. I do remember it sync'ing less frequently when I was using a playlist that I put together myself (but my memory could be a bit sketchy)

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Hey guys, currently have massive connection issues with my Forerunner 945 and my Jaybird Vitsa earphones. Anyone else been having issues with the 945 as r=the headphones work perfectly on other devices ?  

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