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Frame Protection Query


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Good day hubbers.

I recently bought myself a new bike.....a 2019 Trek Roscoe 8.

I absolutely love my new bike and want to spend every waking moment riding.


I live in joburg and most of what I ride is pretty rocky. I have noticed a few chips and scratches on my frame and this concerns me. I have been looking around at mtb frame protection kits but to no success. Most od them are quite pricey and offer minimal protection.


I am looking for clear film to wrap as much of my bike as I can....and at the same time, not break my bank.


I have looked around at companies that deal exclusively in film protection, where I can buy a sheet and cut the pieces myself.


Is this a better option? Or are there any other methods of protection that I'm not thinking of?

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I bought some clear film from Game for about R20, the same stuff used to cover school books. I put it on the underside bottom tube of my road bike. It's not mega thick but there is enough to cover 100 bikes!

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I can get clear lamination designed for paint and chip protection at a place called Intamarket. Its 150 microns in thickness and comes in a 100x150cm sheet.

I thought of buying this and cutting the pieces myself. Any concerns?

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