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  1. I've wasted so much money on sealants that don't work. I would like to see a YouTube video containing tyres, nails and thorns.
  2. I wouldn't call minus 2 'inclement'. It's not just the cold weather, it's the long stretch of winter you have to endure before 'summer' appears for a brief moment
  3. Summer cycling is great but that British weather is a killer
  4. I wouldn't have enough hours in the day to start listing the bad car drivers I encounter every single time I am out on the roads on the bicycle, motorbike or car
  5. Try MP suspension in Milnerton, they have the correct bleeding machine. They are motorcycle suspension specialists but also do MTB and are the Ohlins agents for SA. BEST IN THE BUSINESS (I should know, I used to work there!)
  6. I rode Gordon's Bay to Betty's Bay on a Saturday afternoon and it was stunning. Not really busy at all out of public holidays and lots of cyclists. It's an incredible ride
  7. Lots of complaints about motorists but when I drove up the N1 at 5am for the Stellies bike race 2 years ago the right hand lane was the ONLY lane in use by cyclists driving their cars up to the race
  8. I used regular orange seal for 1.5 years and the endurance version for the last 1.5 years and didn't notice a difference to be honest
  9. The GP5000TL are normally R2500 a pair, Goodyears are R1400. Easy decision
  10. In my experience: Schwalbe Pro One's are very, very good. 25c tyre pumps up to approx 28mm Goodyear F1 28c also great, they inflate to 29mm. Slightly firmer than the Schwalbe but not in a bad way, they feel like they will be more resilient to cuts and punctures. They also have an extra lip on them that makes seating and pumping up easier. If you're not too worried about having the fastest, lightest tyres then the Pirelli Cinturo is a good choice. Friends of mine in the UK use it as their winter tyre. I wouldn't bother with any other tyres Cadex tyres, I tried for 2 hours but couldn't get them to seat and pump up (with a compressor). Waste of time. GP5000TL, pretty good but very, very difficult to mount. Life doesn't need to be so difficult.
  11. Schwalbe Pro One's, not Schwalbe One. The Pro One's haven't been available in SA for the last 6 months. I now ride Goodyear F1's which are great. Forget all sealants except Orange Seal https://getstokedonline.co.za/product/goodyear-eagle-f1-tubeless-complete-700x25/ https://lanoysports.co.za/collections/orange-seal
  12. The syringe I bought from Clicks fits perfectly into the valve, you can't get much easier or cleaner than that? Anyway, cyclists always like to pay huge premiums because it means it must be better and it will make them faster! I'm happy with my R6-00 tool
  13. I use a syringe that I bought in clicks for 6 randies. It holds 20ml so 3 shots through the valve is all you need. (Stan's will sell you a extra special cycling version for a ridiculous price +-R300)
  14. Bloody hell, where did this happen?
  15. They actually recommend you charge it via a laptop or something with a low power output
  16. Wow, amazing to hear that they found this guy. Good luck on Monday
  17. ORANGE SEAL HAS ARRIVED!!!!!! What great timing, I had a rear puncture which Joe's Road sealant could only seal to 40psi. I pumped up the tyre 4/5 times over the past week which gave it plenty of time to seal but it kept dropping to 40psi and made a horrible mess. I actually pulled my crank and removed the chain rings so I could clean that sticky muck off. My order of Orange Seal arrived today and it sealed that hole immediately and has held 85psi throughout the day. I've been saying it for 4 years, it works perfectly. Forget Sludge, Stan's, Stan's Race, Joe's, Joe's Road Sealant. Complete rubbish and a waste of money. Get your Orange Seal from https://lanoysports.co.za/ (I have ZERO affiliation to Orange Seal or Lanoy, I'm just happy they are now importing it)
  18. Prices are where they are because people think prices are fair!
  19. Just FYI, Nino's version of the Aspen is also not the same as what is available to the general public
  20. That crank looks like a pre-production unit but I agree, no rim brake = no interest from me
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