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Mongoos tyax super

Riaan Wolmarans

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Mongoose make some pretty solid bikes. Not as popular as they once were. The Tyax had a more relaxed geometry than the more racier Meteor.


You are obviously buying used (as it's a 26er), so at this point you should be more concerned about how it was looked after by the previous owner rather than the actual brand.

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We have a Mongoos, and am very happy with the brand.


26" bikes are not popular, only school kidd and very short people still buy these.



When buying new the prices range from about R7k to R12k, for a bike with an entry lev 1x setup ...



It is pretty easy to do 1x11 change to these bikes, IF it is currently 3x9.


How much is it worth ?


We paid R9k for a brand new 26", and then did a proper 1x11 upgrade to it. Total of about 12k.



Depending on condition .... I wont pay more than R5k .... then again, our Mongoose came with a good REBA shock which justifies paying a bit more ...

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It was well looked after, what price do you think is reasonable?

That is difficult to say as it depends on the model, the specs and the age.


Anywhere from R1500 for an older one with entry parts to R3000 for a more recent one with higher spec parts (even the more recent ones will be about 8 years old).

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